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Weather Homeschool Unit Study

Learn more about the weather with our homeschool unit study! With loads of resources and a free 50-page homeschooling ebook, you'll be having weather fun in no time.

Rabbit Homeschool Unit Study

Are you looking for some new springtime material for your homeschool? Check out our new, free rabbit-themed homeschool unit study!

President’s Day Unit Study Starter

Chances are good that if you check your calendar, the third Monday of February is Presidents’ Day. Why do we celebrate Presidents’ Day? Is it just another patriotic day or a day to take off from school?  Initially, the holiday began in 1885 to recognize George Washington, which is why it’s still called “Washington’s Birthday.” […]

African-American History: Unit Study Resources

The African Americans who helped shape this country into what it is today are a vital part of history study. As part of our African American History Month celebration, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the most beloved of those individuals.

Native American Indian Unit Study Starter

The study of the Native American Indian people is one of great interest. In fact, over the years more information has become public surrounding the history of the North American Indian. Some may consider it controversial while others feel that it contradicts what they were taught. As homeschoolers, our goal is to teach our children […]

Build Your Library – Unit Study Collection

Build Your Library is a literature-based curriculum covering history, literature, science, and art. Most unit studies include a PDF download that includes a daily and weekly schedule, a book list, a movie list, narration cards, vocabulary, and discussion questions to align with the literature, research projects, activity sheets, and a science schedule.  Something for every […]