Episode 39: Spending Too Much Time Together | Guest Celeste Orrseries art
OCTOBER 15, 2020

Episode 39: Spending Too Much Time Together | Guest Celeste Orr

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By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Hello everyone and welcome back to Homeschool.com’s Homeschooling and Loving It Podcast Episode 39 and today we are talking about togetherness! As most of the world has experienced more family togetherness in the last few months than ever before. Of course, this is a good thing… but it may cause some challenges.

Here today to talk with us about what we can do when there is too much togetherness is my friend Celeste Orr!

Welcome, Celeste!

Celeste is joining us today from Maine and if you want a glimpse of that beauty you can follow her at @togetherness_redefined on Instagram! Celeste is also the author of the blog, Togetherness Redefined as well as an author of a book by the same name. Make sure to sign up for Celeste’s weekly Togetherness Tips!

We are so excited to have Celeste here today to share practical ways to make a lot of togetherness enjoyable.

Make you check out Celeste’s articles on Homeschool.com about Travelschooling and Togetherness!

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