Newsletter 46: Homeschool Challenges!

I was reminded today of when my youngest child struggled with math and took hours to finish one lesson. In fact, most days there were tears all around… mama included! Not the best memory…  Yet in contrast, today she is able to work through and comprehend a math lesson with mastery within an hour. Sweet hard-earned success found through many struggles! Let’s face it. Challenges are a part of everyday life – especially homeschool life. In fact, challenges or struggles are what teach us, make us grow, and keep us from stagnating. Challenges also make us grateful for those hard-earned successes!


In today’s newsletter, I want to share with you several articles with helpful advice that have made a difference in my homeschool journey. This advice usually came from older wiser mamas and just in time to help me avert a crisis. 

Homeschool challenges checkIf you’re facing homeschool challenges or struggles right now… then you’re going to want to jump into our first article and find your current challenge, click through to the good stuff, and glean from those older wiser mamas. 

Homeschool Togetherness and TipsIf quarantine has you feeling like you’ve been together with your family TOO MUCH lately, then you’re going to want to jump into our second article to find some precious, joy-filled tips for Too Much Togetherness.

Both articles are sure to help you face the challenges of today and give you tools for tomorrow’s successes! 

Expert Homeschooler Tips for Common Challenges!

Every homeschool family runs into challenges, issues, and roadblocks. How we deal with them is what makes the difference in our homeschool day!

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Joy-Filled Tips for Too Much Togetherness!

The pandemic has had all of us feeling like we've had a bit too much togetherness. Join Celeste as she shares some joy-filled tips for dealing with that!

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