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MARCH 25, 2021

Episode 54: Homeschooling & Alternatives To College

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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College, not a good fit? Just not sure what your teen wants to do?

In this podcast, we’ll be talking about alternatives to a college education. Don’t worry! Today’s homeschooled teen is well-equipped to find alternative paths to their future career!

Volunteering While In High School

Volunteering is a great way to determine if you or your teen really want to work in a certain field. Volunteering gives you hands-on experience that will help you know if a field is right for you!

  • Local volunteering opportunities with local friends and business owners
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Peace Corps
  • Virtual Volunteering

There are many other volunteer ideas for after high school.

Military Options for Homeschoolers

JROTC – check with your local JROTC
Naval Sea Cadets – after school programs
Civil Air Patrol – apply/pay dues or use the online option
Young Marines – contact your local chapter
Wondering how to get started on a military career. The process is quite similar for homeschoolers as it is for traditional students. Here’s an example from the Army requirements for homeschoolers.

Military Requirements for Homeschoolers

Have a good transcript
Take the ASVAB test
Take The AIM test (army)
Homeschoolers can also participate in the Future Soldiers Program (army)

Enter the Workforce?

  • Research what is needed for the job they desire.
  • Speak to someone who has worked in the field
  • Job shadow
  • Volunteer to gain experience
  • Create a resume (goodwill industries is a great resources for resume creation and job preparation)

Begin an Internship

Not sure what an internship is?

Simply put, an internship is when you – as a student or trainee – agree to work somewhere often without pay in exchange for the ability to gain experience in a field. For instance, your student may graduate with a journalism degree but have zero post-college experience in the publishing industry. When your student realizes job prospects are slim without experience, he or she may decide to take on the editor internship opportunity at the local paper. Your student probably won’t receive money for it but he or she will get a foot in the door of the local paper and gain experience at the same time.

The concept of internships stems from the apprenticeships of yesterday. The difference between an apprenticeship and internship is that interns are usually more exploratory. An apprenticeship was a position people took on in an effort to learn a specific trade. Internships, however, allow the individual to pursue various interests. Also, unlike apprentices, interns aren’t bound to work for the same company once the internship is over. While internships can be paid or unpaid, most interns are not paid.

How do internships help?

Gaining experience. – this works for both college grads and non-college-bound adults. Employers don’t want to hire someone without experience.
Networking – internships allow for meeting people within the desired field
Beef up the resume – this is important because employers want to see a well-rounded individual with soft skills as well as experience. You can gain referrals and recommendations through your internship.
Setting the stage. Many times, internships help lay the foundation for your student’s future career. Employers often choose from amongst their own interns when job positions become available.

How to find internships.

  • Online job boards
  • Job fairs
  • Linkedin
  • internships.com

Become a Homeschool Entrepreneur

Start a Business

Over the years, we have seen that homeschooling is the breeding ground for amazing entrepreneurial skills. If you’ve got the hankering to become your own business owner, take a few classes on business operation and accounting and set about accomplishing your dream! Take a free accounting course on https://www.accountingcoach.com/ It’s important to understand and learn some business basics before embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure!

We have several resources for homeschool entrepreneurs on homeschool.com. But over the years I’ve run across many homeschool high school students that didn’t even wait for graduation to start their own business. Some of these included:

Book author or illustrator
Jewelry designer/creator
Pet Care Business
Car wash/lawn maintenance
Maintenance services
House sitter
Soaps and candle making

Many of these business opportunities require a skill. Most homeschoolers are self-starters and are motivated to learn hobbies and other skills which can easily translate into a business opportunity!

More Resources on the topic:

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