Episode 62: Preparing Your Teens for Their Future!series art
DECEMBER 1, 2021

Episode 62: Preparing Your Teens for Their Future!

Homeschooling & Loving It!

By: Jamie Gaddy and Homeschool.com

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Preparing your teens for their future is a task that no parents find small or insignificant. As you homeschool you’ve grown to realize that it’s a joy, an investment, and so much more. However, many of us feel a bit intimidated when it comes to homeschooling our teens. There seems to be a lot of expectations, and the courses are so much more difficult than the elementary level. But wait – – what if we told you there was nothing to worry about. That homeschooling high school and preparing your teens is much easier than you ever imagined?

Join Jamie and Janine as they chat about this and so much more on this week’s episode of the Homeschooling and Loving It podcast.

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Where'd my instruction manual go??? I know we've all wondered that about parenting and homeschooling! Join us as we chat about the big stuff and everything in-between! Helping homeschoolers with practical teaching tips to find all they need to Homeschool and Love it!!