Planning Your High School Homeschool

How to Start Homeschooling Highschool

The requirements to begin homeschooling differ across the United States. However, the process of getting started will require a few basic “first steps.” These should include:

  • Develop your homeschooling goals
  • Research your state laws and fulfill their requirements
  • Understand your student’s learning styles and what motivates them
  • Research curriculum that supports your homeschool goals and your student’s learning styles
  • Organize your homeschooling location, your curriculum, your four-year high school plan, and your daily schedule
  • Take a deep breath, and get started!

Many homeschoolers find it best to establish their life goals as they enter high school and then tailor fit their entire four years of high school to maximize preparation for their future. We love to refer to this as the “Four Year Highschool Plan.” It’s a perfect way to get the most out of what you study during high school.

Research the Legalities of Homeschooling High School

Before beginning to homeschool high school, it’s vitally important to understand the homeschool requirements that your state has for homeschooling families. As we mentioned above, this is one of the first and fundamental steps to beginning successfully. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 United States, however, not all states have the same requirements. Some states are very homeschool friendly, while other states have incredible stringent homeschooling laws. You can find those state homeschool laws summarized with links to DOE sites to help you get started.

Making the Four Year Plan

  • Step 1 – Encourage your student to self-examine. Yes, it’s true – a ninth grader doesn’t always know what they will do for a career – but it is a good time to start thinking in that direction. Take a Career Exploration Course to help determine where his/her strengths lie. They can also take the PSAT which will give them career suggestions based on their test aptitudes.
  • Step 2 Once your student has discovered what they want to do as a career or life path, you can begin helping them find the training and knowledge that they need to accomplish this path successfully. Take time to research this path together, visit someone who does this job, understand what it takes to get into this career, and then develop a plan that works backward from your goal.
  • Step 3 – Put your 4 Year High School Plan into action by scheduling your four years of high school to support your life goal. Include courses that will help give the required knowledge and include service opportunities that will also promote experience in your niche.

High School Virtual Conference

Prepare for Your Senior Year

There are a lot of intricate details to wrap up as a high schooler comes to the end of their four years. Take a minute to check off the list of things homeschooler needs to do to prepare for that elusive senior year. Don’t forget some of the amazingly fun aspects of Senior Year of high school! We’ve not only got the tools you need to do it right but great ideas for your homeschool graduation and senior trip ideas that will rock your world! You’ll also want to make sure that your high school transcripts are in order and that you create a homeschool high school diploma that looks amazing!