Bridgeway Academy Homeschool Product Review

Bridgeway Academy Product Review


  • Grades: Pre-K through 12
  • Subjects: Core Subjects, Electives, and more.
  • Category: Both Religious and Non-Religious options available 
  • Format: Traditional Textbook and Online Options
  • Price: Varies per grades and selected options

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Bridgeway Academy is a homeschooling program focused on the individuality of students and the passion of parents for providing the best education possible.  Bridgeway recognizes the different learning types and outlines their approaches to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.Bridgeway Academy Homeschool Product Review

They offer two different styles of homeschooling curriculum: 

  • Homeschool Courses & Kits
  • Private Homeschool Academy

The homeschooling courses are designed for independent homeschoolers, which the academy is all about providing support and connection.

How to Use Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy is a fully accredited homeschool program complete with college-recognized high school transcripts, with the exception of their customized Independent Study package.  They offer several homeschooling options for parents to evaluate. At its broadest division, parents can choose either their “Homeschool Courses and Kits” or their “Private Homeschool Academy.”  The homeschooling kits generally involve packages of online or textbook courses, led by the parent with accompanying instruction guides. The academy, on the other hand, gives parents and students access to an advisor every step along the way.

Once parents select one of those major categories, the options are broken down every further into program types with notable differences.

Bridgeway Academy Program Features

Homeschool Courses and Kits

These homeschool kits come in a few different styles.  Bridgeway offers curriculum programs via textbooks and online courses, with the option of self-paced online classes or live classes.

  • Online Options
    • Self-Paced.  With this option, students can log in whenever works for them, and progress through the material on their own.  Considering the material is available online, students can access it from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection.
    • Live.  With live online classes, the student logs on at certain times to be taught live by a teacher and alongside classmates.
  • Non-Online Options
    • Grade Year Multi-Subject Kits.  This program provides its curriculum for every subject, spanning the full school year.
    • Independent Study Customized.  The custom option begins with professional consultation for an in-depth review of graduation and career goals, and possibly even placement testing.  They will outline a plan for your credits needed for graduation with your specific goals in mind. Each year will always include five full credits, whether it’s all core subjects or a mix of core and elective.
      • Since it is not considered “full enrollment,” the custom packages are not accredited, but with the purchase of the Support package, members will still be able to take part in accreditation, record-keeping, and year-round support.

Private Homeschool Academy

Every program within the Academy is considered a “Total Care” package, ensuring that every option will provide full coverage of subjects and support for both students and parents.  The main difference between the Total Care homeschool programs and the homeschooling kits is the amount of support and connection available to members. With the academy, students have their own academic advisor to guide them along every step of the way.  The academy also connects parents and students with other homeschooling families for communication and opportunities for activities.

A great part of the academy is that they offer a particular option called “HOPE for Learning Disabilities.”  This option is specific to help provide a full curriculum for students with learning disabilities. Bridgeway will work with your family to decide the best paths.

  • Homeschool Programs
    • Pre-K
      • The academy offers a Total Care program for preschoolers, in which they are introduced to a variety of subjects with a biblical perspective.  The program involves hands-on activities and lessons.
    • Kindergarten
      • Bridgeway’s Total Care kindergarten program includes four core subjects: social studies, language arts, science, and math.  Students will work through phonics, flashcards, coloring pages, and more.
    • Elementary
      • Total Care Textbook curriculum
      • Total Care blended curriculum (a mix of textbook and online resources)
      • HOPE for Learning Disabilities
    • Middle School
      • Total Care Textbook
      • Total Care Online (self-paced)
      • Elite Total Care.  Starting in middle school, Bridgeway offers a virtual academy for students.  With this program, students will have their own teacher for every course.
      • HOPE for Learning Disabilities
    • High School
      • Total Care Textbook
      • Total Care Online (Self-Paced)
      • Total Care Live Online.  This option is not the virtual academy, but rather, your student can take live online courses with other students such as offered with the homeschool kits.

More About Elite Total Care: 

The virtual academy is available for Middle School and High School students.  Bridgeway’s Virtual Academy provides your student with qualified teachers for each course, with guidance and advice from course planning through the learning process.  The Elite program gives your student access to on-demand tutoring, as well as preparation and readiness options such as college-prep, career, AP, honors, and dual enrollment.  Every student receives a fully recognized, accredited high school transcript.

College & Career Preparation

One of the greatest benefits of Bridgeway Academy is their professional help with college readiness and career preparation.  Through their high school courses, due to their complete accreditation, transcripts are fully recognized by colleges for credits and scholarships.  Not only does Bridgeway offer to help guide students toward their goals, but they also offer AP courses, dual enrollment, and advice for future career paths.

Bridgeway Academy Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Professional Academic Guidance
  • Available Support
  • Full Accreditation 
  • Avoids Learning Gaps
  • Cost (anywhere from $400 – $5,000)
  • Virtual Academy may not technically be considered “homeschooling.”
  • Limits opportunities for co-op classes.
  • Custom packages aren’t accredited without the purchase of an additional Support package.

Bridgeway Academy Program PricingBridgeway Academy Homeschool Product Review

Homeschool Courses & Kits

The prices for these classes vary, and the full total of a kit could depend on which class you choose.  

  • However, it looks like a single course averages around $430.
  • A multi-subject grade-level kit may average around $730.

Bridgeway’s Private Academy

Prices are approximate and based on Bridgeway’s website.

Program Textbook Online Elite HOPE
Elementary $2,000 Blended: $2,600 N/A $4,000-$4,500
Middle $2,400 $3,100 $5,000 $4,300-$5,000
High School $3,000 $3,400 $5,300 $4,500-$5,200

Bridgeway Academy FAQs

How many weeks does each online class run?

  • “Trimester classes run for 10 weeks; semester classes run for 15 weeks, and full-year classes run for 30 weeks.”

Will my student have assignments to complete each online class?

  • “Yes, your students will have activities and other assignments throughout the week as a follow up to what was covered in the previous week’s live online class or that prepare them for the upcoming class. Those students who are pursuing classes for credits will have up to five more rigorous assignments and should expect to spend time every day between classes.”

Which learning disabilities have you worked with?

  • “ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (aspergers), Dyslexia/Dysgraphia, and others. We have many years of experience with many different learning disabilities.”

How is the HOPE program different from a regular Total Care Program?

  • “When you enroll in a Total Care HOPE program, we take customization one step further. Not only do we work with you to find the perfect curriculum fit and academic level for your student but we also add a complete assessment that identifies the root cause of your student’s learning difficulties. From there, you receive a computer generated sensory integration therapy program personalized to your student’s specific needs. This requires a commitment of 45-60 minutes per day four days per week and is fully supported by the Essential Learning Institute education support team.”

What is the role of the teacher in the Elite program?

  • “Teachers do not hold specific class periods or provide live instruction. Instead, instruction is pre-recorded and the live teachers are there to support the student with additional instruction or reteaching as needed, feedback on assessments and another level of accountability to help your students stay on track. If you are seeking live classes, be sure to check out the Total Care Live program.”