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Bridgeway Academy offers two choices for K-12 homeschooling families. Our academy comes with a full personalized curriculum, accreditation, advisor support, community involvement, and more. Our a la carte products include curriculum kits, customized curriculum, and individual textbook or online classes.

Our program tiers include:

  • Homeschool Accreditation: With our Homeschool Accreditation tier, you get to use the publishers you love and chart your own course in homeschooling with the full backing of our grade reporting, transcript, and accreditation services. After you grade your student’s assignments and tests, submit them to us and we’ll provide report cards and transcripts that ensure your child’s records are secure and accredited. We take the worry out of homeschooling while allowing you to use the curriculum that you love.
  • Homeschool Academy: Our Homeschool Academy tier includes everything in Homeschool Accreditation, PLUS a full year of self-paced Pre-K through 12 courses, all instructor guides, assessments, placement testing, and membership in the Bridgeway Academy community.
  • Homeschool Live: The Homeschool Live program tier features everything from Homeschool Academy, PLUS live class options available for grades 1-12! Each live class is led by an engaging instructor who is experienced in online teaching, so your student gets the most out of their education.

Along with our program tiers, we offer add-on options to complement your personalized homeschool program:

  • Elite: Our NCAA-approved Elite package includes up to six pre-recorded courses and enrollment, plus accreditation, advisor support, and on-demand tutoring. Elite program students also interact regularly with their teachers.
  • Dual Enrollment: Getting into the college or university of their dreams is one of the most important milestones for teens, and it’s becoming more difficult for a student to set themselves apart from the crowd. As college costs continue to rise, dual enrollment offers a low-cost, high-reward way of preparing your high schooler for what lies ahead!
  • Associate Degree: When students are ready to take the next step and complement their high school homeschool program with an associate degree, Bridgeway can help them pave that path. With over 60 college courses to explore and choose from, especially driven students can graduate high school with more than just a diploma.

Help with Learning Disabilities: Customization, flexibility, and support are all essential for homeschooling children with learning disabilities. Our online therapy supplement called HOPE is an extra means to support your child’s educational path.

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  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies


  • Pre-K - 12th Grade


Multiple Formats Online Classes Online Private Schools


Faith-Based Non-Faith Based Special Needs Special Needs/Gifted Top 100


Price: varies by grade and homeschooling choice