Film School 4 Teens Homeschool Curriculum Review

SUMMARY of Film School 4 Teens Homeschool Curriculum Review:

  • Grades: 9 – 12
  • Subjects: Film Making
  • Category: Non-Religious/Religious options
  • Format: Video-based Learning
  • Price: Paid $150-$300 course

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How to Use Film School 4 Teens in Your Homeschool

Film School 4 Teens (FS4T) has several courses for high school students that equal 1-semester credit in the arts. The YouTube 4 Teens Classic course has 12 sections, each with a video lesson, and deep thought video and notes. The course comes with a pdf workbook you download and can print out for your student to use. The stated purpose of this course is to enable you and your student to be able to navigate the many world views on YouTube with caution and wisdom and to enable your student to make an educated decision about a future on YouTube also understanding the work and commitment it entails.

FS4T is set up to be used over a period of 12 weeks or one quarter but could easily be spread out over an entire semester. It is a course equivalent to 1-semester credit for high school students. The pdf workbook can be printed out. You can also use it digitally with touch screens to write in the pdf. Each section has a lesson page that has key points printed out with some blanks for the student to easily take notes and listen for these key points during the video. Then there is an assignment page and a Deep Thoughts page. The lesson page has a parent/instructor sign-off on the bottom of the page.

There are real-life guests who have successful channels of their own in the videos. There are also teens who are starting out with their own ideas being interviewed. The lesson videos are around 30 minutes or less and the deep thoughts videos are about 10 minutes each. The first few lessons are about thinking and analyzing reasons and why and if you really want to create a channel. Then the lessons get more hands-on with practical skills like editing and actually starting your channel to marketing and monetizing. The deep thoughts have students thinking about moral choices and Godly decisions in YouTube creation and consumption.

This short video gives an awesome overview of the courses available!

Film School 4 Teens Highlights

The courses that Film School 4 Teens offer are perfect for the elective needs in your homeschool high school. These courses are well put together and are designed specifically for your teen with the priority that they learn about filmmaking in a safe and protected environment.Film School 4 Teens Homeschool Curriculum Review

These courses are suitable for many styles of instruction:

• Individual students working at home (with or without parental oversight)

• Siblings working together (with or without parental oversight)

• Small groups or co-ops with a class facilitator

• Classroom with an instructor (public, private, or charter)

Film School 4 Teens Pros and Cons


  • A complete course for 1-semester credit for High School Arts
  • Helps student to see pros and cons of YouTube both as a creator and consumer
  • Entrepreneur, marketing, and critical thinking skills will apply to any future plans
  • Help students decide if YouTube is really something they want to do
  • Students can complete the course individually or in a group
  • Parent involvement can be minimal or can actually participate with student
  • Can be used for younger teens


  • 52 pages to print if not using digitally
  • Cost

Additional Comments on Film School 4 Teens

I wanted this course for my 14 year old but my 10 year old wanted to do it too. They are both getting value from the course and both working on ideas for their own channels. I am very pleased that the videos are getting them to think about the possible dangers and pitfalls without me telling them. The deep thoughts at the end of each section really get them thinking. The entrepreneurial and marketing skills taught in this course can be used in any kind of business and the critical thinking skills will serve them well in any future endeavors.

~Kathleen T. product reviewer

I love the fact that my teens could take a film course in a safe and protected environment. Film School 4 Teens offers both a Christian and Secular version of their courses. This was a huge selling point for me since I wanted my students to have a Christian perspective of how to use film and YouTube for Christian service.

~Jordan R. product reviewer


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