NetSupport School Homeschool Product Review

NetSupport School Classroom Management

NetSupport School provides classroom instruction and management tools to streamline classroom (and homeschool) management. While a homeschooler might not use all the features offered, the following might be of particular interest, especially if multiple children are being homeschooled simultaneously–

  • Real-time instruction–you can deliver engaging presentations by sharing the content on your computer screen on your children’s screens.
  • Virtual whiteboard–access to a full page whiteboard supported by a wealth of drawing tools–and again, you can share your computer screen with your students.
  • Internet co-browse–allows you to open selected websites and synchronize these with the browser on each of your kids’ PCs. As you navigate across a website, your students’ PCs follow. Very cool!
  • Ability to view student activity–allows you to monitor your kids’ computers–see high quality scalable thumbnails of each computer screen or zoom to focus on an individual screen.
  • Remote control–you can take control of the screen, keyboard and mouse of each or any student’s computer when teacher assistance is needed. Or for any other reason.
  • Move information–you can transfer files between your computers and your kids’ computers using a simple drag and drop interface–you can hand out and automatically collect files easily.
  • Student journal–during a typical class, all appropriate items relating to a subject can be captured and automatically included in a PDF file for post-lesson review by each student. This is VERY cool. You can see an example of a journal


  • Student testing and quiz capability–you can design tests and examinations with a minimum of effort, including text, picture, audio and video questions.
  • Control Internet use–NetSupport Assist allows you to instantly see which sites your students are visiting and, if needed, take remedial action to block access. This saves you money–you don’t need to purchase a web browser product that does a similar task.

Other features might be of interest as well–but these certainly stood out for us.

NetSupport School can be used on any Windows computer and is designed to work over both wired and wireless networks.

You can try a 30-day free trial and see if it makes your homeschooling endeavors a bit easier.