Planet Voyagers Homeschool Curriculum Review

Summary of Planet Voyagers Homeschool Curriculum ReviewScience Homeschool Curriculum Review

  • Grades: 3-5
  • Subjects: Science, Math, Reading, STEM
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Board Game
  • Price: $38.00

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How to Use Planet Voyagers in Your Homeschool

Planet Voyagers focuses on astronomy and strategy and lets you tour space, visit planets, and explore and research this amazing solar system we live in. Journey fromHomeschool Curriculum Reviews Secular planet to planet and send out research probes to earn points and learn interesting facts about the celestial bodies near and far!

This fun board game can be played by the whole family and reinforces the truth that learning can (…and should!) be fun! Planet Voyagers is an exciting way to practice reading, science, astronomy, and math skills that can be played over and over!

Planet Voyagers Highlights

On the website, the different skills used in this game are highlighted as follows:

  • Determine – On each turn, players look at their five cards and the game area to decide which of their cards to enter into the round. Then, they decide what action to take depending on when they can play their card. Best homeschool curriculum reviews
  • Compare – Players compare the position and scores of other players to their own on each turn, while comparing the information on their cards with planets’ information.
  • Predict – As the game proceeds, players may be able to predict what others may do in a turn as strategies become clearer. However, the game also has elements of chance based on certain cards, which makes predicting more difficult.
  • Plan – Planet Voyagers allows players to win by getting to Neptune or scoring 12 points first. Thus, players may develop different plans for playing cards in order to pursue their preferred goal, or modify plans if needed based on the actions of other players.
  • Practice – Players practice basic math when playing certain cards.
  • Solve – Planet Voyagers is primarily a game where players problem-solve by using logic and reasoning, while also adapting to the moves, actions, and elements of chance in the game.
  • Imagine – While not required to play the game, players may imagine what stars, planets, and comets are like, as well as what it may be like to travel or live in space.

Planet Voyagers Pros and Cons homeschool curriculum review STEM


  • Perfect inclusion to a solar system unit study
  • Great general game to introduce homeschoolers to the solar system and learn interesting facts about different planets (Did you know that Mercury has an average temperature of 333 degrees Fahrenheit?)
  • Quick mental math practice as points are shifted from player to player as you play
  • Work on strategy skills to plan to gain the most points/advance on each turn
  • Fun for replay as the cards will change the outcome of each game
  • The website offers ways that parents can assist in learning and support their children, including modifications necessary for those with autism and special needs.


  • With so many special modifications noted on the website, it is clear that most will be able to play and receive some benefit from this game. Because of this special care that was taken, there are no clear cons to this game that we could find. english homeschool curriculum review

Additional Comments from Planet Voyagers User

“I loved this game. It is quick to learn and easy to play with various ages playing (ages 10- 41 for us). The game cards and planet discs are beautiful with multiple space and science imagery. I especially love the to-scale side of the planet discs. I also enjoyed how planet facts are used throughout the game and in a manner so that space buffs and newbies can both play on equal footing in a competition to win the most points or advance to Neptune. We all became invested in advancing our rockets and gaining points make it a fun, family bonding favorite.” -Andrea D.