Tiny Treasures Homeschool Curriculum Review

SUMMARY of Tiny Treasures Homeschool Curriculum Review:

  • Grades: PreK-6
  • Subjects: Science
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Individual Products, Monthly Subscription
  • Price: varies by product

Visit the Tiny Treasures website here.

How to Use Tiny Treasures in Your Homeschool

Tiny Treasures is a company that owns three brands: AMOSTING, GobiDex, and Tomons, all of which can be found on their website. Through these brands, Tiny Treasures offers toys for your children. While some are just for fun (like a laser tag set!), there are various reasonably priced, educational – specifically, scientific – options as well. You can purchase the ones you want on their website or sign up for a subscription box and receive a monthly surprise box. Little ones love hands-on science lessons, and they have options to fit that bill!

Tiny Treasures Highlights

Tiny Treasures includes the following brands and products:

    • Air Dry Clay (Ocean)
    • Air Dry Clay (Space)
    • Art Supplies (105 pieces)
    • Dot Markers
    • Laser Tag Guns With Fog Effect Vests (Set of 4)
    • Montessori Wooden Animal Puzzles
    • Refill Darts – 500pcs Bulk Bullets Ammo Pack
    • Targets Pouch
  • GobiDex:
    • Bug Amber Dig Kit
    • Crystal Flower Science Kit (3 colors)
    • Crystal Flower Science Kit (4 colors)
    • Crystal Flower Science Kit (5 colors)
    • Dinosaur Eggs Dig Kit
    • Gemstones Dig Kit
    • Gemstone Dig Kit (Space)
    • Gardening Craft Kit
    • Ocean Tropical Fish Dig Kit
    • Plant Amber Dig Kit
    • Sea Life Amber Dig Kit
    • Volcano Gemstones Dig Kit
  • Tomon:
    • Arts and Crafts for Kids
    • Beads for Jewelry Making (Pink)
    • Beads for Jewelry Making (Purple)
    • Kids Makeup Kit for Girl (6 different options)
    • Kids Nail Polish Kit
    • Toy Doctor Kit for Kids

Tiny Treasures Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Fun
  • A different approach to teaching science – would be great for a unit study!
  • Easy to use


  • Could potentially make a mess (because of plaster), but messes can be cleaned, so that’s not really a con. You could even do it outside to minimize the mess!

Additional Comments from a Tiny Treasures Product Reviewer

“I was sent a Sea Life Amber Dig Kit and a Dinosaur Egg Dig Kit to review. My 5-year-old son was very excited when these arrived in the mail. We began with the sea life kit and were amazed when we opened the package and found little tools for extracting the treasures, goggles, and instructions. Everything was included. All I had to provide was a cup of water.

We poured the water to soften the plaster, and he started digging in (pun intended). As he made advancements and found the first piece of amber, he was beside himself. It was so easy for him to do. All I did was pour water and help him get started. He loved being able to do it himself, and each time he found a piece, you’d think he won the lottery.

When he was all finished, he washed all the pieces, spent time examining each one, had me read the cards that were included for each item inside the amber, and showed his ‘treasures’ to everyone who came in the door.

Aside from being fun, this activity opened the door for conversations about archaeology and archaeological tools, what fossils are and some different places they are found on Earth, different forms of sea life and where they are found in the ocean, and more. We looked things up online, watched documentaries, etc. This one activity expanded into days of learning, and he’s still talking about it. So clearly, it’s perfect for homeschoolers!

The dinosaur egg kit provided more of the same – excitement, questions, research, showing off his treasures, and best of all, LEARNING. As a mom, I was extremely pleased with these activities and will be purchasing additional kits to do with my son in the future.” – Catherine W., North Carolina

Additional Products and Bonus Review:

“I was sent a Lush and Dew Butterfly Garden Grow Kit to review. My 6-year-old daughter loves planting flowers and loves Butterflies so she was thrilled to use this kit! The kit comes with everything you need to get started. The miniature tools and the water bottle for the seeds were the perfect size for my 6-year-old to use. The Kit also includes detailed instructions on how to plant and care for each seed in the Butterfly Garden. Each seed grows into a vibrant, beautiful flower. This has been such a wonderful hands-on project to do while studying seeds.” ~ Mae T., Texas