Homeschooling Unit Studies

One of our favorite homeschooling methods is the unit study method! This method is a mastery-based approach that incorporates multiple subject areas around a central theme or topic.

What are Unit Studies?

Simply put, unit studies are time-based overviews of a specific topic that bring together multiple subject areas into one study plan. These units of study are also referred to in formal education as “thematic units.” Unit studies typically involve multisensory learning where each activity is organized according to the central theme.

Most homeschoolers who use the unit study approach believe that this type of study allows students to dig deeper into a given topic in order to gain mastery of that topic. For example, a student can explore the subject from a variety of angles, and from that, a deeper understanding of the topic is retained.

A unit study approach is exciting and works very well with a variety of home learning situations.

Free Rabbit Homeschool Unit Study

Find a fun homeschool unit study with book lists, video recommendations, and a 67-page printable ebook with themed lessons, puzzles, and games!

Rabbit Homeschool Unit Study

Free Unit Study Supplements

Time4Learning has an extensive selection of unit studies that are free for homeschool parents to utilize. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of information they have available on United States Presidents and state facts. Check out their site and plan your next unit study today!

Unit Study Supplements

Women’s History Month Printables

Learn more about these amazing women in history with resources for in-depth study – Women’s History month study for your homeschool!

Women's History Month Printables

Intro to Nuclear Science Unit Study

There are nearly infinite uses of nuclear technology in our society today.  It is immersed in our medical system, scientific endeavors, research goals, modern conveniences for transportation, security, heating, cooling, and more — even solar energy is nuclear fusion!  And yet, as students and average people (aka those who aren’t nuclear scientists!), what do we really know about nuclear science?

Intro to Nuclear Science Unit Study Starter

Chemistry Unit Study and Printables

When you think of science, does the image of a lab with beakers, bubbling solutions, and goggles come to mind?  If so, then you are thinking about chemistry! Chemistry is well-known for carrying the image of science, and that’s for good reason.  After all, chemistry explores the basis of life, AKA, the composition of matter!

Chemistry Unit Study & Printables

African-American History Unit Study

The study of great men and women and their amazing accomplishments should be a part of every homeschooling history study. But, if you history curriculum just doesn’t cover this amazing part of our history as you’d like, add a unit study!  Make your study of African American history easy to pull together. Use these pre-made resources to get a full-view study of the amazing accomplishments of African-Americans throughout history.

Get Started on Your Study of Black American History!

How to Create a Unit Study

When it comes to incorporating unit studies in your homeschool, parents have a variety of options available. Several homeschooling websites, like ours, have already put together free unit studies on a variety of topics. However, if you can’t find any for your topics, or they aren’t available as free unit studies, you can always create one yourself. While it may seem intimidating to pull together a DIY unit of study, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Start Creating Your Own Unit Study Now!

Science Unit Study Collection

We love science here at!  It’s a bit of a shame that so many people dislike science due to it feeling overly complicated, dry, and boring.  Too often, science is limited to stuffy textbooks and memorized vocabulary. In actuality, science is so much more, and it should be filled with excitement!  Homeschool science studies present the best opportunities for hands-on fun, science experiments, and learning moments.

Explore our Homeschooling Science Unit Study Collection

Unit Studies Made Easy: Podcast

Unit studies are a great way to differentiate learning.  Join our podcast as we explore ways to make easy to implement unit studies that are joy!

Unit Studies Made Easy: Podcast

Why Use Unit Studies – Immersive Learning

Variety is the spice of life, and this is especially true when it comes to homeschooling. Shake things up a little this month. Put away the curriculum you’ve been using all winter long, and try a week-long unit study. Your family will love it and you will too!

Why Use Unit Studies? Immersive Learning at Its Best!