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Irish Themed Education Resources



Free online educational resources with an Irish Theme: - Education Modules with videos, presentations, activities, and handouts (upper grade school) - eBook:  Through Time & Magic: An Irish Adventure (while... more

A Beka History and Geography

By: A Beka Books


A Beka's History/Geography Courses are available as kits that come with everything you need to homeschool your child in History/Geography - The student book, the Map Skills book & the Quiz and Test Book. Student... more
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Timber Doodle

Timberdoodle's homeschool philosophy is to use your school time to focus on teaching your children how to learn. Teach them reading, math, and thinking skills, and they will be well on their way to being a huge... more

History’s Masterminds



TRISMS is a research-based curriculum that covers history integrated with humanities, government, literature, writing, and geography. Critical thinking is emphasized, and learning is student-led. Complete lesson plans... more
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Blossom and Root


Blossom and Root is a secular, nature-based, hands-on curriculum for the Pre-K-3rd grades. Blossom and Root has an art program with integrated math concepts, science and nature study, and language arts with integrated... more

Which Way USA Book Club

By: Highlights


Which Way USA takes you on an adventure across the country. Two states are introduced each month with illustrated state maps, puzzle books, and souvenir key tags to collect. Teaches about geography, cultures, and map... more

World Edition

By: Little Passports


Little Passports is a monthly subscription box designed to introduce children to world cultures and geography. World Edition teaches 6-10 year olds about their world, one country at a time. The first package is an... more

World Geography in Christian Perspective

By: A Beka Books


A Beka's World Geography in Christian Perspective is designed for 9th graders & is a student textbook. Designed for one semester. Available in digital or print format. Students will travel all over the globe in this... more
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History of the World

By: MasterBooks Curiculum


History of the World is a one year course designed for high school students. Students will learn about the history of the church (2000 years worth), learn about courageous missionaries around the world, learn about... more
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Elementary Geography & Cultures

By: MasterBooks Curriculum


Elementary Geography & Cultures is recommended for grades 4-6. Includes a daily schedule, worksheets, quizzes & answer key. Recommended 30-45 minutes a lesson, 4-5 times a week. A fun, engaging, hands-on approach to... more
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Primary Vocabulary for Academic Success

By: The Critical Thinking Co.: Vocabulary Virtuoso


Vocabulary Virtuoso uses a variety of activities to teach 180 words. Different forms and variations of words are used so students learn to recognize them and use them in more ways. Each lesson has definitions, spelling,... more

My Story and the World around Me

By: MasterBooks Curriculum


My Story 1 and 2 is a fun, interactive, adventure-based curriculum for 1st and 2nd graders that encourages families to explore the world together. Has 4 9-week long "quests" that help students learn about our world from... more
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