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Empower your kids to build and program their very own apps with Wyz Create!
Wyz Create not only teaches kids how to think like a programmer it also makes it a fun frustration-free experience by combining our visual app-making platform with monthly app-making Wyz Kits that have everything kids need to build apps!

Wyz Kits are delivered digitally (instantly!) and contain an app-making project + instructional videos + extra learning resources like bonus hacks, app-making challenges, and more! By removing common hurdles that often discourage kids from programming (like syntax errors!), Wyz Create makes programming a fun experience even for beginners. Kids can be creative all while learning to think critically, use logic, and break down complex apps into smaller steps as they bring their ideas to life.

Parent Review:
“My son is very passionate about video games and had a strong desire to create something of his own. Wyz Create gave him the platform that he needed to bring his ideas to life. The Wyz Create platform has a smart design and with enough time your child will be able to create something awesome!”

Only available for iOS.

We currently have 2 Wyz Kit Series:

1. 🚀 The Discovery Series: the perfect introduction to app-making for beginners. This adventure-based kit teaches kids foundational programming skills to build games, stories, animations, and more.
2. 🎮 The Game Maker Series: this series takes it to the next level, teaching kids how to create their own games using things like conditional statements, subroutines, and loops; ideal for intermediate to advanced learners.


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