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Frequently Asked Questions about children with special needs. An informative article from Jean Munroe Lanman who has over thirty years experience with “special needs students”. She holds several teaching credentials and is a Learning Disability Specialist.

Special Needs and Homeschooling – 8 Benefits Don’t be afraid to venture into homeschooling your special needs child. Many people have found that it was the one thing that made all the difference. Check out these 8 benefits of homeschooling a special needs student.
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Legal Advocacy for Families with Special Needs Children

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs A guest post that addresses many of the concerns regarding how special needs children are treated.

Signs of Dyslexia Concerned that there may be an underlying cause for why your child isn’t reading?

Test for Dyslexia  Take an at-home test to determine if your child has dyslexia.

Free Font for Dyslexics Download this free font that was developed to help dyslexics with online reading and writing.

Down Syndrome Homeschooling A perfect resource list for parents looking for curriculum and other tools to homeschool the down syndrome child.

Homeschooling the Epileptic Child Finding solid resources that help you understand the disorder as well as find homeschool victory for each day.

Making Plans – with Special Considerations An excerpt from our “Extra Special Homeschooling” column addressing considerations for planning with special needs children.

How Can I Tell if My Homeschooled Child Has a Learning Disorder? Questions to ask as well as ways to find out if your child may have a learning disability.

Homeschooling and the Speech-Language Disorder  This is a great resource for understanding the implications and learning how to implement productive ways to overcome.

Seven Things You Should Know about Autism Informative list of seven highlights of autistic tendencies.

Get a Free Issue of Autism Parenting Magazine! Don’t miss this opportunity to get a mailbox full of encouragement and other resources specifically for families dealing with autism.

Comprehensive Homeschool IEP Guide This is an amazing resource for helping the homeschool parent create their own homeschool IEP.

Homeschooling After an IEP Just because your student has an IEP does not keep you from homeschooling them. Find out how to get started.