Summer Slide – Summer Learning is Personal

Summer 2016

7. Summer Learning is Very Personal for Me

I was born into poverty and changed schools frequently. One summer, when I was eight years old, my aunt asked me to read aloud to her. It soon became apparent that I was painfully behind. My aunt could have lectured me or shamed me. Instead, she purchased books from a local thrift store, sat me on her lap, and taught me how to read. This same aunt also taught me to bake, play piano, and to build fantastic structures out of Lincoln Logs. That summer, because of Aunt Mary, I fell in love with learning. Not long after that, my parents died and I went to live with a different aunt and uncle. They loved learning too. Each summer, they signed me up for swim team and for sewing lessons. They took me to the Almond Factory and to the Wonder Bread Factory. They explored with me and learned with me and it changed my life.

This summer, share your own love of learning with the children in your life. It matters more than you could ever realize.

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