Top 5 Benefits of Blended Learning

August 14, 2023
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Homeschoolers are already wired for “alternative education.” We know that our school journey will look different than most, with more flexibility and an individual approach that ensures our children get just what they need. That’s why blended learning is such a great fit for homeschoolers. Blended learning takes the best of traditional learning and, yes, “blends” it with the power and convenience of online learning–all while maintaining the flexibility you need. Is blended learning right for your child? Take a look at the top five benefits of blended learning and decide for yourself!

Your Homeschooler Can Experience Online Learning in a Way That Makes Sense to Them

When it comes to online learning, a student who is used to traditional textbooks, along with a teacher standing over their shoulder, may find it difficult to adapt. That’s why blended learning is perfect. One of the best benefits of blended learning is that your homeschooler will be introduced to online homeschooling in a way that eases them into it. In many cases, they’ll still use a textbook and have a teacher to work with, but some of the learning will be done online, whether independently or in a virtual classroom. It’s a great way to dip your toes into online learning without jumping into the deep end!

Blended Learning Speaks to Several Learning Styles

If your homeschooler is a visual or auditory learner, you’ll reap many benefits of blended learning! Videos, live classes, and online visuals (think maps, videos, graphic organizers, images, etc.) will keep your visual learner engaged while discussions, conversations, and other auditory components will speak right to your auditory learner. The best blended learning classes will also include a textbook, printed materials, or additional hands-on projects that will help tactile learners reinforce online lessons.

Blended Learning is FlexibleDiscover Homeschool Curriculum

In an online class, your students won’t have to give up the flexible schedule they need. If you’re out and about, your child can log into class and then complete coursework in the evenings. If you want a live online class during the day so you can work with another student, that’s an option as well! Blended learning allows you to keep control of your schedule and get the classes and credits your student needs to satisfy homeschool requirements and mastery of subjects.

Blended Learning is Fun and Engaging

Let’s face it…we’ve all heard “this is boring” from our homeschoolers, and it makes us cringe! We want our learners to be engaged and love learning. Of course, this won’t always be the case. As homeschool parents, we have the unique opportunity and ability to vary the format of the less exciting or less liked subjects. If textbook science isn’t working anymore, a blended learning science class could be just what you need to remind your student how much fun the subject really is. Just because they are learning online doesn’t mean your homeschooler won’t be engaged and having fun. Instead, the best blended learning classes combine project-based learning with visual and auditory class time.

Blended Learning is Reasonably Priced

It might surprise you to learn that blended learning courses won’t cost you an arm and a leg! In fact, you can purchase a full-year Discover! elementary course–in ELA, Math, Science, or Social Studies–for a few hundred dollars. This means your student gets the credits they need without shelling out money you don’t have.

Discover! Online Blended Learning

If you’re interested in jumping into blended learning for your student, look no further than Discover! blended learning for grades 1 through 6! Discover! Online, powered by Bridgeway Academy, is the perfect blend of online, worktext, and instructor-led activities. Kids start each day online where adorable characters guide them through what to do each day.

Daily activities include online learning and interaction and valuable neuroscience-proven worktext instruction and pencil/paper activities. Each worktext and instructor guide also challenges students to think critically, express their thoughts and ideas, and complete fun projects that allow them to express who they are.

With Discover! Online, students get to know characters like Lonnie the Lemur, Pierre the Frog, Julie the Grasshopper, and many others who not only guide them through each lesson but also add personality. Discover! Online’s interactives help kids absorb, process, and integrate new information in entertaining and creative ways. And students will engage in online activities designed specifically to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills and answer the question, “Why is this important?” Plus, Discover’s intuitive online interface makes staying on track easy. Kids can effortlessly view what’s in store for today and this week, or look ahead to the full school year. And as your schedule changes, your online learning schedule can change with you.

To learn more about Discover! Online blended learning, as well as Discover! elementary textbooks, visit us here.


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