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Summer Field Trip Ideas

Looking for educational field trip ideas this summer? Read on to find out some of our favorite cool field trip ideas!

Independence Day Puzzle Printables

Summer is an all-around favorite season for most people.  In the U.S., it’s even more exciting for many of us since we get to celebrate Independence Day!  The Fourth of July is a wonderful time for fun with friends and family. It’s exciting to celebrate our nation’s birthday and also a great excuse to have […]

Episode 32: How To Talk With Kids About the Tough Stuff!

TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS | GOOGLE PLAY | STITCHER Welcome to this week’s episode of the Homeschooling and Loving It podcast. Today we are talking about How to talk with kids about the tough stuff along with staying in touch with your child’s mental health. Have you noticed your children getting quiet when adults talk about recent events? Have you […]

Yes, You Can Homeschool!

Have you felt increasingly like you are merely trudging through the day, even perhaps feeling too tired to homeschool? We have advice and suggestions for you!

Earth Day Homeschooling Resources

What is Earth Day and how can we celebrate it as homeschoolers? Read more to learn all about it and peruse study resources for your homeschool study!

50 Awesome Learning Activities for High School!

Running out of motivation? Are your teens ready to quit? You need some homeschool inspiration! Discover these awesome learning activities for teens and add some different to your homeschool today!