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Labor Day Unit Study

Sometimes it seems like America has a ton of holidays! Labor Day – which falls on the first Monday in September – comes about ¾ of the way through the year. For some people, it marks the beginning of a new school year with school starting the next day. For others, it’s just another holiday. […]

Homeschool Unit Study Resources

Unit studies are so popular amongst homeschoolers that they’re often in their own category of homeschooling styles. A homeschool unit study isn’t much different from any other unit study, though you may need to adjust activities to accommodate just one or two students instead of twenty. What Is a Unit Study? Unit studies explore a […]

Spotlight on: Creating Your Own Literature-Based Unit Study

Has your homeschooling stopped dead in its tracks this summer? As one homeschool mom to another – don’t let it! Do something – even if you’re just reading and doing unit studies. Unit studies are often so much fun, your students may actually enjoy learning through summer. Literature-based unit studies are among the best types […]

Flag Day Unit Study: History Facts & More!

Flag Day Unit Study: History Facts & More! Flag Day began as a way to honor one of our nation’s iconic symbols: the American Flag. Unlike many of our other holidays, this one isn’t meant to celebrate or honor any individual people. Instead, it’s truly about the flag alone. This summer, take some time to […]

FREE Valentine’s Day Mini Unit Study

Show your family some love by giving them a day off from the usual homeschooling! Instead, consider doing a Valentine’s Day mini unit study. Social Studies: The History of Valentine’s Day In the Catholic church, there were at least three different individuals by the name of Valentine who were recognized as “saints.” According to one […]

Polar Express Mini Unit Study

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg is one of the most popular books/movies to study during the holidays. One way to teach this story is by using a unit study. Unit studies cover a variety of subjects that all center around one theme (in this case, The Polar Express). Spice up your homeschool with this FREE […]

Homeschooling Unit Studies

One of our favorite homeschooling methods is the unit study method! This method is a mastery-based approach that incorporates multiple subject areas around a central theme or topic. What are Unit Studies? Simply put, unit studies are time-based overviews of a specific topic that bring together multiple subject areas into one study plan. These units […]

How to Create a Homeschool Poetry Study

As homeschoolers, we are all about DIYS! What better DIY than your own unit study? The month of April is National Poetry Month, and it only seems fitting to put together a custom poetry unit to celebrate the love for poetry.