10 Steps To Preschool Homeschooling

The moment has finally come. Your “little” is now a preschooler!  If you’ve already decided to homeschool your early learner, perhaps you’re wondering what you should start doing now in Pre-K.  Play! Of course, preschool is all about play and learning through natural curiosity. Your young child instinctively wants to know about anything and everything, occasionally perhaps a little more than you’d like!  However, this natural inclination to explore and ask questions is the perfect preschool foundation for starting their homeschool journey. However, don’t get overwhelmed at the thought of already looking into lesson plans or curricula.  Homeschooling preschoolers is not so much about a curriculum as it is just about fun, engaging activities, and developing their interest in learning.

Is Your Homeschool Preschool Ready?

However, there is no point in starting formal education if your preschooler isn’t ready. Below you’ll find some fundamental signs that your preschool may be ready to get started!

You preschooler:

  • Knows the ABCs.
  • Are recognizing letter sounds.
  • Understand the concept of sounding out words and stringing together letter sounds.
  • Show an interest in reading.
  • Pretend to read or write.
  • Are engaged during storytime.

10 Steps to Begin Homeschooling in Preschool

When your preschooler is demonstrating homeschool readiness, here are ten steps you can take to begin their homeschool experience.  In preschool, homeschooling mostly revolves around continuing the play and activities you have likely already been doing with them. Indeed, the only noticeable difference would be a more intentional focus on incorporating these learning elements on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Focus on Play. Play is the most important activity for preschoolers!  In fact, play is their schoolwork.
  • Begin involving them in daily activities. These little ones can learn so much from being involved in your daily tasks!How to homeschool preschool
  • Take time to explain why & how. By involving them, be sure to take time to explain why you do something, and how it is being done.  They are soaking it all in!
  • Create a routine. This will help begin to structure your preschooler’s days.
  • Game school. Just like we said earlier, play, play, play!  Game schooling is the perfect way to combine learning with their natural curiosity!
  • Explore the Outdoors. Walking, hiking, swimming, start nature journaling, catch tadpoles or bugs, collect leaves or acorns, or whatever you’d prefer!
  • Provide toys that encourage imagination. Consider books, coloring, blocks, LEGOs, and so on.
  • Focus on learning.  It makes a difference when you are focused on what they can learn, versus what you can teach!
  • Go on field trips. Visit the zoo, an aquarium, a petting zoo, a farm, etc.
  • Let them be little. They will make messes. Finger painting, Play-Doh, drawing, glittery crafts, mud…it will be messy.  And yet, super fun for them while creating precious memories — and they WILL be learning.

10 Fun Preschool Activities For Your Homeschool

Now that you have some ideas on how to start homeschooling your preschooler, we want to share some of our favorite preschool activities!  We know some days feel like you need a preschool mom’s survival kit, but these are fun, engaging, and many of them are simple! These activities are great for practicing their numbers and colors while establishing a good foundation for fine motor skills, and providing an introduction to the idea of science. Preschool Top Homeschool Curriculum  Enjoy!

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