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For many Christians, homeschooling is an active extension of their faith and belief. Within the homeschool culture, homeschool Christian resources abound. As a result, the problem is finding the perfect homeschool Christian resources that fit your homeschooling style and your child’s learning style. In fact, this dilemma can be challenging and overwhelming at best. Instead, cut through the confusion and find curriculum reviews and insights from other homeschooling parents like yourself.

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Find Your Best Fit Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Don’t despair, with all the many Christian resources for homeschoolers, you can rest assured there is a perfect fit for your family. As you are searching, that perfect fit may feel somewhat elusive but has an amazing assortment of resources to help you find your niche. How do you find your best-fit curriculum? First, take a minute to take the following quizzes to help direct you toward a curriculum that aligns with the individual needs of your family.

Finding the Right Curriculum

Next, follow these steps:

    • 1 – Take the quizzes listed above to know which direction you need to head.
    • 2 – Research a curriculum that aligns with the teaching and learning styles you discovered above.
    • 3 – Try it out. Some curricula will offer a free homeschool course trial.
    • 4 – Plan out your day. How will you implement the learning process in your home?
    • 5 – Plan out your learning location. Organize and arrange an area that is conducive to learning!

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How Do I Align Curriculum with My Homeschool Method?

Of course, your homeschooling method (teaching method) should support how your child prefers to learn. So here are a few ideas.

If your child loves:

  • Books and reading – a literature-based curriculum might work best for you!
  • Nature and learning through exploration – then a Charlotte-Mason based curriculum might be optimal.
  • Computers, videos, or even gaming – then an online homeschool curriculum or video-based learning program might be a good fit!
  • History and has a flair for language learning – then a classical-style curriculum might be your recipe for success!


TESTIMONIAL:“During our seven years of homeschooling, we have used several approaches, including a unit study curriculum. Then we began using some of this and a little of that and doing lots of field trips, having more of an eclectic approach. For a couple of years we ‘co-op’ schooled with my sister-in-law and a close friend. It was a great experience.

This year we’re trying a few subjects in an online school while keeping some of the workbook subjects that we’ve had success in. Our curriculum includes band for three of the kids at the local school, Civil Air Patrol for our oldest son, Boy Scouts for the middle son, and Girl Scouts for our daughters and myself, as well as active involvement and service with our church. We also include many field trips and activities with our local homeschool support group.”  Christian Homeschooler in FL