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7 Ways to Combat Homeschool Burnout

The unrelenting prolonged stress of managing so many responsibilities can begin to negatively affect lives. Don’t let it get to you!

Christian Homeschooling Support

Look for tips, support, and advice from a Biblical Christian perspective!

Homeschool Styles Quiz

Learning Styles Quiz

Yes, You Can Homeschool!

“Yes, You Can Homeschool” by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer Do you want to homeschool… but there’s just something holding you back? What keeps you from homeschooling? For some parents, it’s a lack of courage or a belief in themselves. For others, it’s all the data they think they must keep on hand. Whatever your reason, we’re […]

Handpicked Summer Resources Just For You!

Summer and homeschooling – there are so many options. As many options as there are families! Because of this, has published our Summer Resources Awards list – handpicked gems from companies that understand the importance of continued summer learning opportunities and experiences.

Copywork: A Keystone in Language Arts

Curriculum Corner March 2017, Issue 7   Copywork: A Keystone in Language Arts by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer Copywork is a popular technique used to teach language arts. It fits easily into most homeschooling routines and can be used in conjunction with a variety of curricula. Using the copywork method, students are given a piece of […]

Homeschool Snow Day Activities!

Great free activities to bookmark for those snow days or rainy days! A few fun homeschool activities might keep the boredom at bay!

Voting Results – Top Homeschooling Products and MORE

Check out our current list HERE! Voting Results – Top Homeschooling Products and MORE for FREE email updates Send to a Friend During the last two weeks, readers have voted for their Top Homeschooling Products Curriculum Websites Please take a moment to review the winning companies (listed alphabetically below)—as they’ve been named the best […]

Free Bible DVD

With this FREE DVD, the children in your family will be transported back to the ancient world, where they’ll join a group of friends whose lives are forever changed as they recall the great stories of the Bible, including Moses and the Exodus and The Last Supper!

Support for the Christian Homeschooler

Embracing the diversity of homeschooling families, takes a look at Christ-Centered Homeschooling!