Newsletter 27: The Scoop on Homeschool Testing

This is a great issue addressing the concern that many of us have, burnout. We’ve all been there… it’s tough. But, dear friend, you can have your arsenal ready to help you combat this pervasive issue! We also want to chat about homeschool testing. There are many options and some of which most homeschool are unaware! Join us for this month’s newsletter!


7 Ways to Combat Homeschool Burnout

Burnout is undeniably a growing concern among homeschool parents. The unrelenting prolonged stress of managing so many responsibilities can begin to negatively affect lives.

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Time Management

Should Your Homeschooler do End of Year Testing?

Since testing is optional for most, you may be wondering about the pros and cons of homeschool testing. This month, we’ll just do a quick recap of the benefits and let you decide!

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