The Flexibility of Homeschooling

June 23, 2009
Written by:
Guest Author

 If you were going to compile a list of all the positive things about homeschooling, flexibility would probably be near the top of your list. I can tell you it is at the top of mine. If we feel like skipping a day of school, we can. If we want to set aside math for a couple of weeks as we explore other topics, we can. If we want to take a break from all subjects and just read for fun, we can. And don’t forget about taking time to PLAY! Flexibility allows for all of those things and more!

  • Interest-led learning
  • Preparation for a career
  • Learning combined with fun!

Flexibility also allows for the exploration of topics that could be considered unconventional. I know of a homeschooling mom who started teaching Latin to her kids when they were still very young. I know of another homeschooling mom that implements gardening as part of her children’s daily lessons. Do your kids like bugs? Nature? Sharks? You can do a deep dive to learn about them!

  • Unconventional
  • Exciting
  • Life-skills
  • Extra-curricular

In our house, we try to follow the interests of our children. We have even studied the paranormal. Right now, we’re combining American history and the paranormal by exploring stories of hauntings in the White House. My oldest plays the guitar. At his request, I’m putting together lessons for the fall about famous guitarists. We also have a cooking or baking project every Wednesday. The kids take turns choosing a recipe they’d like to try.

Homeschooling allows for this type of exploration because we are not confined by deadlines, curriculum demands, or 20 other kids that need our attention. There is no one standing over me telling me what I must teach my children. We can explore the basics and then so much more. It is one of my favorite aspects of homeschooling.


What are some unconventional topics that you have explored while homeschooling?