Need a New Homeschool Routine?

“Do You Need a New Homeschool Routine?”

Chances are good that you started out the school year with a brand spanking new routine. You meant well; after all, you had the goal of education in mind, so how could that go wrong? Incidentally, not everyone functions well with a rigid schedule in place. Additionally, everything won’t always go according to the plans you have. But, is spring break too late to change your mind?

What’s the Difference?

The main thing that distinguishes a schedule from a routine can be summed up in one word: time. Schedules have times for each task while routines don’t. A list of things to do – and in what order you plan to do them – constitutes a routine while deciding specific times to do those things creates a “schedule.” As Julie Bogart with Brave Writer puts it, let go of “the ghost of homeschool past” (rigid, time-driven schedules for the day) and move forward with a routine that works for your family.

“Time” For Some Change

Whether you’re more inclined to create a schedule or a routine for yourself, you’ll appreciate the freedom you have to change from what isn’t working to what will. Home educators have the distinct ability to create a schedule or routine that best suits their families. Take advantage of this and create a day that flows nicely and that outlines everything you want to accomplish each day.

For instance, if you’ve decided that you need to accomplish the four core subjects (math, language arts, science, and history) each day but you can get away with doing only a few days a week of your elective subjects, consider staggering them. Instead of doing electives every day, rotate the days you do each one and adjust the time you spend on each so you’re covering the same amount of material you would if you were addressing each subject daily.

Is It Too Late?

Since the “school year” is nearly over, is it too late to change your family’s daily routine? Absolutely not! After all, your family’s routine has likely changed since the fall, so there’s no reason to keep trying to cram everyone into a regimen that is no longer working. Instead, give yourself permission to follow a new routine that works better. If you’re in a light-hearted mood, it might help to get a chuckle out of others’ homeschool routines. When you finish, head on over to the blog for some good information on creating a homeschool schedule!


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