Beat the Wintertime Homeschool Blues

Beat the Wintertime Homeschool Blues

The holidays are over, and the big excitements of that season have also passed. Settling comfortably into this new time of quiet and cold can be a challenge for homeschool families accustomed to being out and about and on the go. Like all things in life, our attitude—how we choose to face each new day—has everything to do with the way we experience wintertime with our kids.

Make the Most of Every Season in Your Homeschool

Make the most of this season. Learn to love it. The first step toward achieving this goal is getting outside every day. I’m a firm believer that kids should experience the outdoors in all kinds of weather. There is something to be learned in all of it—sunshine, rain, snow and sleet are each special sources of fascinating fun. Outfit the kids in comfortable clothes to protect them from the elements, and watch the fun they have. Learn and practice a new winter sport. Make snow forts. Identify and follow animal tracks. And whatever you decide to do out there, be sure to join in on the fun with them!

Create New Family Traditions

New rituals are born in this season of calm. Try cocoa and a family read-aloud each morning together. Be sure to do this in pajamas, in front of a woodstove, or under the coziest blankets you can find! Your children will love this calming time together and you will too.

Exercise in Your Homeschool

Keep everyone moving. Along with unstructured play outdoors, the quiet months of winter are the perfect time to implement new exercise plans. Dust off the tread mill. Try family yoga—even your littlest homeschoolers will love this activity. To get out of the house, sign the kids up for martial arts or gymnastics. Exercise is a key factor in beating the wintertime blues. It’s also a golden opportunity to establish new healthy habits that your kids will carry with them throughout their lives.

For those of us who do not yet enjoy the winter months, recalibrating our attitude toward the season requires changing the way we speak of it. Instead of waking up and telling the family, “It’s so cold today, I can’t wait until spring,” try something different. “It sure is a crisp morning. We’ll need to keep moving. Let’s go skiing and then I’ll make us a big pot of cocoa to drink with a movie.”

The beautiful thing about homeschooling is the freedom it provides us to make magic wherever we are. Celebrate this freedom. Celebrate the season. Have fun and learn something new with your kids. And whatever else you do, don’t forget the cocoa!

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