Prevent Summer Learning Slide Free Course

Are you wondering how to avoid summer learning slide or even what it means? Is it inevitable? What can you do about it? We answer all these questions and more. Grab our New Homeschool Summer Survival Course below and find out today how to avoid summer learning slide!

What is Summer Slide?

Summer learning slide is the well-documented effect of the learning loss students experience when they fully stop learning during the summer. For homeschoolers, some students pick classes back up in the fall and find themselves having forgotten things they learned the previous school year. Instead of continuing building on what has already been taught, students and parents alike find themselves frustrated at having to go back and repeat information previously taught. Who wants to start a brand-new school year with frustrations?

What the Research Says About Summer Learning Slidehow to plan a homeschool summer

Parents often ask, “How can I help my kids avoid forgetting the skills they’ve practiced all year long? How do I prevent summer slide?”  It isn’t difficult to avoid this concern, however, the summer slide is real. The National Association of Summer Learning highlights the potential outcomes of summer learning loss and we’ve written a full-page article on the research behind summer slide.

How to Avoid Summer Reading Slide

Kids in the 21st century are living busy, highly programmed lives. Of course, well-intentioned efforts to avoid summer slide should always retain space for a child to exercise a positive perspective on summer learning. Making “reading” a requirement before having fun is never profitable. Instead, plan ways to integrate your summer fun and reading! We talk about practical tips to avoid summer reading slide here.

How to Avoid Summer Math Slide

Fortunately, the answer is actually very simple. Children need to simply use math every day. Additionally, just like reading, math can be a fun and natural part of a relaxed summertime routine. Before the end of the school year, familiarize yourself with the specific skill sets your child has been struggling with and plan discovery-filled ways to use math this summer. We’ve written an extensive article on how to avoid summer math slide here.

Create Summer Goals To Avoid Summer Learning Slide

If we create artificial divisions between school and vacation time, we subtly send our kids the message that learning is something unpleasant we get to “escape from” in the summer. When families make it a point to pursue learning experiences all year round it makes a huge difference. You can avoid summer learning slide by living out a lifelong-learner example. Read more about how to create summer goals here.

Tips and Ideas to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

We’ve discussed how the summer learning slide is the problem, but what can? How can you continue learning to begin the school year prepared to move forward while still enjoying the fun break summer brings? Find solutions to the summer learning slide problem here.

Discover Easy to Use Interactive Summer Learning

One of our favorite ways to keep the kids sharp during summer and avoid summer learning loss is to carry an iPad while we travel and allow the kids to use It’s a super fun way to keep skills sharp and the kids have so much fun with the animated characters and the interactive games they don’t feel like it is “formal learning.” Check out Time4Learning today with our exclusive 15% discount.