How to Work While Homeschooling!

For those getting started homeschooling, it can be a challenge if your life requires learning how to work and homeschool at the same time. Homeschooling and working is a balancing act, but it’s not impossible. Just as you’ve undoubtedly researched how to homeschool, shifting your daily schedule is part of maintaining the delicate balance with working at home while your children are learning at home. This is not always possible for everyone, but even small changes can have a major impact. However, it’s difficult to get started. That’s where this workshop comes in! 

Homeschooling While Working is Possible!

As host of, Jamie has over ten years experience of homeschooling and working from home, from educating her six elementary children through high school graduations. In this crash course, she presents practical suggestions, ideas, and resources for how to work and homeschool. Whether you are getting started homeschooling or your job has shifted to working from home, this video has helpful information for everyone!

How to Work While Homeschooling

  • Find a routine that works for both
    • Try both separating it  and doing it at the same time
  • Establish habits and guidelines for “work time”
  • Try different time management techniques
  • And more!

More Resources on Working and Homeschooling