Mother’s Day Ideas and Printables for Kids!

Mother’s Day is a precious time to celebrate the love mothers have given. Mothers are the lifeblood of our society. Often without acknowledgment, they sacrifice time, efforts, sleep, comfort and more to ensure their children are cared for. Mother’s Day is an extra chance to show appreciation and love for these incredible women! Sadly, there are many people in our world without the care and support of a mother figure. It’s important to be sensitive to the various family dynamics as some people are unable to celebrate personally. However, some of these people may also be mothers themselves and they deserve a day of pampering by their children!

Mother’s Day activities for kids are the perfect way to invite your children to participate in the celebration! Mother’s Day flowers and cards are common, but fun crafts, coloring pages for kids, and DIYs are always special! If you are looking for things to do with kids for Mother’s Day, we have ideas and free printables for you!

Mother’s Day Activities for Kids

Thanks to Pinterest and artsy blogs, there are plenty of beautiful crafts your kids can create as wonderful Mother’s Day gifts! Mother's Day Ideas and Printables for Kids!While Mother’s Day flowers are beautiful and appreciated, homemade gifts are a no-fail idea for putting a smile on mom’s face! Whether you use coloring pages for kids or you go all-out with modeling clay and paint, a DIY craft is bound to be a well-received Mother’s Day gift. 

As fun as DIYs are, it can be difficult to find the right projects when searching for things to do with kids. After all, DIYs are infamous for involving complicated steps, expensive supplies, and implied required experience–all of which can be difficult for children and inexperienced adults. To help, we’ve vetted a few crafts to make sure they are beginner and child friendly! We hope you enjoy these Mother’s Day activities for kids.

  • Fill in coloring pages for kids! Choose your favorite as a gift for mom.
  • Give mom breakfast & coffee in bed! Ideas for young children: cereal, cinnamon sugar toast, or surprise scones from the bakery!
  • Make a homemade Mother’s Day card
  • Treat mom to brunch! Perhaps encourage your children to pool their allowance to help pay, even if it’s just for Denny’s!
  • Give mom a spa day! Gather a gift basket with bath bombs, salts, and bubbles, as well as a face mask, lotion, nail polish, etc. Lastly but most importantly: give her an hour to herself to enjoy it!
  • Thumbprint Art Painted Flower Pots

Be sure to download the FREE Mother’s Day printables below, including a beautiful calendar, a card, and coloring pages for kids! 

Finally, to all of the homeschooling mamas in our community, happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Ideas and Printables for Kids!  Mother's Day Ideas and Printables for Kids!   Mother's Day Ideas and Printables for Kids!

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