Help! Our Schedule Isn’t Working!

“Help! Our Schedule Isn’t Working!”

Help! Our Schedule isn’t Working!

For many people, scheduling can be a safety net. Sure, it’s a way to create guidelines for your day and to ensure that there is a goal for accomplishment. Yet, sometimes we inadvertently create schedules that are doomed from the start. Schedules that just don’t work for us or schedules that overwhelm. If you’re living in that danger zone, stop… take a deep breath… and rethink the whole thing!

Reasons Your Schedule Might Not Be Working

I’m sure we can all agree that there are times in our homeschooling journey that we end up being our own worst enemy. It’s true, we can easily develop unrealistic expectations that open our efforts up to failure. I see what my friends are doing, or what the perfect lives of Pinterest homeschoolers look like and I believe that my homeschool has to be perfect. Let me just tell you, those pictures you see are not the whole truth. Yes, it looks beautiful and those kids look so happy… but what you don’t see is the pile of laundry just outside of the photo or the kid that had a temper tantrum right after that glowing snapshot was taken. It’s life, and it’s real. Don’t be fooled…

I’ve seen it many times in my own life, I want to do “all the good things” but I end up with a mess! I snatch up every great curriculum, series, or opportunity and think it’ll be the best thing ever – but what I end up doing is overwhelming myself and my kiddos. This has often spiraled out of control and we’ve almost quit homeschooling because of the stress.

Finally, I’ve seen my homeschooling schedule go awry when I don’t have it aligned with my homeschooling “why.” Some people would call this their homeschool purpose statement, but if your homeschool “why” is guiding your decision in how you homeschool, what you use to homeschool, and even your schedule. If you created a schedule that is not supporting you homeschool “why” – misery is sure to follow!

A Few Scheduling Solutions

Fight those unrealistic expectations by acknowledging that no one is perfect! Every time you look at pinterest or read a blog post that makes that homeschool scenario seem perfect – remember homeschooling is an imperfect yet beautiful work in progress. Take a deep breath and create a schedule that reflects an understanding for your children’s needs.

  • Schedule time for breaks, breathers, exercise and even the occasional daydream!
  • Review your schedule and remove things that are just unrealistic

Don’t let the appeal of amazing resources clutter your schedule. Yes, they are “all good things” but doing ALL of them will surely kill you and your kiddos! Choose the best resources for including in your line-up each homeschooling year. Let the kids pick one favorite and go from there! Including the kids in your decision may also be one of the best things you’ve ever done! But, whatever you do – keep homeschooling simple!

Finally, find a scheduling solution by stepping back to your beginnings and reworking your schedule so that everything supports your homeschool “why.” The key to keeping everyone satisfied and feeling fulfilled is right there. When you started homeschooling you determined your purpose or your “why.” If your “how” and “when” both support that you’re in good shape!

  • Take a hard look at your goals again – and align your learning schedule with them!
  • Make your “why” work!

No, homeschooling isn’t easy – it isn’t perfect – but it’s a wonderful investment-worthy effort. Each chaotic day bursting with life is another day that you’ve invested in your children. Keep on! Every minute is worth it!

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