Fall Homeschool Virtual Conference!

Join us in 2022 for the Back to Homeschool Virtual Conference!


Find workshops and sessions to help you get ready for homeschooling.

As always Homeschool.com is here to help you homeschool and do it well! It’s always part of that goal to provide homeschool families with free tools and advice to be able to accomplish their goals. This is why this summer we’ll be bringing homeschoolers a month of online homeschool events that will help and inspire you as you plan a new homeschool year.

July 1 – Nominate your homeschool family favorites: curriculum, resources, etc.

July 8 – Vote on those favorites to rank them in our celebrated 2021 Back to Homeschool Awards! BONUS: Every vote counts to enter you for a HUGE BTHS Giveaway Bundle perfect for homeschooling families!

July 21 – View the Back to Homeschool Awards and find out the winner of the Back to Homeschool Giveaway Bundle!

July 26- August 6 – The Back to Homeschool FREE Virtual Conference – featuring interviews and speakers from well-known and well-loved homeschool curriculum providers. Each session will address a practical aspect of homeschooling, perfect for finding inspiration and help with planning the new homeschool year. Homeschool Giveaways will be sponsored every other day through the conference along with session freebies! Winners will be chosen from those who log in to the conference!

Welcome homeschool friends, we’re glad you’re here. Most of the crew at Homeschool.com has been homeschooling for quite a while and we want you to know – You are not alone! You have a caring support group and together we are going to help you give your children the education you have always dreamed about.

My name is Jamie and I’m the Editor in Chief of Homeschool.com. I’ve been homeschooling for over 14 years and have homeschooled 4 of my six children right into college and tech school.

I remember when I first told my husband that I wanted to homeschool the kids. He said, “But what about socialization? What about college?”  Those are definitely some of the first questions that come to mind for those beginning this journey. Yet, we’ve also found that those are two easily addressed questions that truly don’t make or break your homeschool endeavors. Yet, those questions are usually just the first of a series of really good questions for which you need answers. Answers are exactly why we are here. We have been in your shoes and remember just how confusing it all seemed at the beginning of our homeschool journey. We know you want the best for your children and we are here to help you accomplish that!

Our Back to Homeschool Virtual Conference is designed to be your “helping hand in homeschooling” and give you 24/7 access to the answers you seek without having to wait for a conference or pay for something you just can’t afford. Bookmark this page and use it as a reference during your first year of homeschooling. And remember we are right here beside you with a Helping Hand in Homeschooling!

Homeschool Help Track 1: How to Start Homeschooling

  • You find out if homeschooling is right for you.
  • You learn the homeschooling laws in your area.
  • We share our stories of how people responded when we told them we were going to homeschool.  (You are not alone)
  • We’ll answer your frequently asked questions about homeschooling.

Homeschool Help Track 2: Which Homeschool Method is Right for ME?

  • Learn more about the different types of homeschooling methods from reknown leaders in each area such as Leigh Bortins and Sonya Shafer.

    Homeschool Help Track 3:Planning

    • You create a daily & weekly homeschooling schedule that works for YOU.

    Homeschool Help Track 4: Practical Homeschooling Tips

    • Discover tips for certain subject areas
    • Advice and encoruagement for burnout and other homeschooling concerns

    Homeschool Help Track 5: High School Homeschooling

    • Find out that Homeschooling High School is easier than you think.
    • Join us as we talk with high school homeschool gurus like Jean Burke, Lee Binz, and  Jennifer Cook DeRosa

      Let’s put an end to the worry and uncertainty…

      InsteadYou grab a cup of coffee, look over your plans for the day, and smile. It’s going to be a great day.

      The kids wake up rested and relaxed. They are excited about their plans for the day. They are proud of what they are learning and accomplishing. At the dinner table that night, they eagerly share what they learned that day. Their eyes are bright and eager and your heart expands because you know you’re the one who made this beautiful experience possible.

      Sound far-fetched? It really isn’t. In fact, it’s much closer than you think.

      Not long ago, my son stood in front of his friends and family to celebrate his high school graduation. When he hugged me and publicly thanked me for homeschooling him, it was such a beautiful moment that I had tears in my eyes.

      And here’s the most amazing thing of all…

      • I loved doing it.
      • It’s enriched my life so much.
      • I realized I had become the kind of parent I had always wanted to be.

      The book we use as a guide is Homeschooling and Loving It! (available on Amazon or a free download), which has sold over 30,000 copies. Here are some of the beautiful testimonials we have received:

      Colleen Manuola (homeschooling mom)

      “I’ve always enjoyed homeschooling, but sometimes I felt tired and overwhelmed. I’ve learned so much from Rebecca. When I find out someone wants to homeschool, I give her a copy of Homeschooling and Loving It! so she can start out the right way.”

      Blayne Liparoto (homeschooling parent)

      “Thank you, Rebecca! My children are so much happier and our days are so much smoother. Plus, I feel more confident that my children are learning what they need to know and that we are making good progress. Your book is a godsend!”

      Joyce Herzog (author, speaker & consultant)

      “I’m loving Homeschool and Loving It! because it is well written, well-designed, and much needed! It clearly and simply starts at the beginning and shows the way to the end. It considers more than ‘school’ and goes on to incorporate all aspects of learning. Most importantly, it revolves around discovering and encouraging each child’s uniqueness and individuality. Whether you are new to the idea of homeschooling or just need to regain momentum or change direction, you’ll find this book most helpful. It guides you to think, design, and gather the resources to carry out a step-by-step homeschooling plan in which your family will thrive. Your biggest disappointment may be, like mine, when you come to the end and there is no more!”

      Tamara Orr (homeschooling author)

      “Homeschooling is one of the most important choices a family will ever make. While the decision should be based on research and information, the daily routine of it needs to be based on a mutual passion for discovery, ongoing respect for each other, and the joy that learning as a family can bring. With Rebecca’s book in hand, it will be easy – and so worthwhile

      Marilyn Rocket (author of Homeschooling at the Speed of Life)

      “From cradle to college, Homeschooling and Loving It! covers just about all there is to know and do to love homeschooling. Newcomers will get off to a great start in their homeschooling and veterans will learn new things that can add joy and inspiration to their days. Rebecca Kochenderfer’s informative and encouraging style lifts and supports rather than piles on guilt. Her activities help put legs to your new knowledge, making this very useful for all family members. Homeschooling and Loving It! strikes a delightful balance in attainable ‘structure for a purpose’ while moving yourself and your children to life goals.”

      Joanne Calderwood (homeschool consultant)

      “The best way to turn your children into self-learners is to get them excited about learning, and one of the best ways I know to get your children excited about learning is to follow Rebecca’s advice.”