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Foreign Language Learning: Which One? When Do We Start?

The Importance of Foreign Language Learning Communication is what brings us together as humans. Understanding and communicating with each other creates the opportunity for connection and community. For those reasons, learning a foreign language can open innumerable doors to connecting with others. Not only do most high schools require students to take at least certain […]

Teaching Reading Strategies and Engaging your Reluctant Readers

Volunteer Contributor post by Katie Glennon One of all homeschool parents’ daunting tasks is teaching their children to read. There are effective methods to use for teaching reading strategies and engaging your reluctant readers to help your children over bumpy roads and to make reading fun. If your child is having an especially difficult time […]

DIY Poetry Unit Study

As homeschoolers, we are all about DIYS!  What better DIY than your own unit study? The month of April is National Poetry Month, and it only seems fitting to put together a custom poetry unit. Perhaps you have always been intrigued by poetry or perhaps you are just now stepping into this world of rhythm and meter. Either way, helping your kids study poetry is a great supplement to their literature and National Poetry Month is perfect timing!

Learning Styles Quiz

Summer Homeschooling

  “Summer Homeschooling” by’s Rebecca Kochenderfer When you hear “summer break” do you cringe? Would you rather keep going without taking off for the entire summer? Don’t fret; you’re not alone. Plenty of other homeschoolers keep right on going through the summertime. Granted, summer doesn’t always look like the regular school year. Still, you […]

Memorization Tips for All Subjects Using Mnemonics to Improve Memory

Memorization Tips for All Subjects Using Mnemonics to Improve Memory Why does our memory not always work?  We asked that question of Jim Sarris, a veteran teacher and author of two books on memory strategies: Comic Mnemonics for Spanish Verbs and Memory Skills Made Easy. We thank him for his time and advice.  Our discussion was very enlightening […]

Planning to Have a Boring Summer?

For many families, summertime means moving from structure and routine-filled days to…well… nothingness, which can cause chaos. You can keep this from happening by engaging in meaningful activities. Get started by having a clear-cut plan for summer learning.’s new book The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents can help!

How to boost nonfiction reading skills

Check out ReadingCare’s five-day free trials and get a discount on your first order! ReadingCare gives students a new reading passage every day, Monday through Friday, with plenty of vocabulary and comprehension notes. Parents can even engage with students through daily progress reports.

Top Back to Homeschool Resource Awards

During the last two weeks, readers have voted for their Top Back to Homeschool Resources. These include products, curriculum, and websites. Please take a moment to review the winning companies—as they’ve been named the best of the best!

5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Success

The Critical Thinking Co. has guaranteed higher grades & top test scores for more than 50 years! Simply put—their products work. Their award-winning homeschool curriculum, riddles, puzzles, games, software, and apps develop thinking skills and improve standards-based learning.

6 GREAT Ways to Evaluate Curriculum BEFORE You Buy

When you are providing your children with online reading and math assessment and instruction, it’s imperative that you ensure that those tests and lessons were designed to teach your children and enable them to retain what they have learned. So how do you know if your choice in purchasing online educational programs is the best for your child’s education as well as the money and time you are investing? has some great hints.

Better Late than Early

An Excerpt from: Homeschooling for Success – How Parents can Create a Superior Education for their Child