Youth Homeschool Planner

Ready to teach your homeschooling students organizational skills?

Giving them their own planner is the perfect way to do just that!

When mine were little, teaching them independent learning skills was a high priority. I began this by getting each child their own homeschool planner to help them learn organizational skills! To help you do this, we’ve developed a beautifully designed youth student homeschool planner! (Looking for a teen student homeschool planner?)

How to Use a Homeschool Planner

This student homeschool planner is free, all you need to do is download the pdf! Here is what I do for my homeschool planning each year!

  • I take my pdf download of the homeschool planner to my local office store. I ask them to print it in full color and 3-hole punch the entire planner.
  • I purchase a transparent cover 3-ring binder and I slip the cover of my planner into the cover of the binder and then fill the binder with my freshly printed homeschool planner!
  • Then I start planning using my Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner. This is where I use, “Keep It Simple Sweetheart!” as my motto. I’ve run the gamut on the different ways to plan and over the last decade, I’ve realized that simplicity rules!
  • Determine your homeschool calendar year. Does your state require 180 schooling days? Do you plan on homeschooling 5 days a week or 4? What holidays will you take off? Will you homeschool year-round?
  • Divide up the content you want to cover into 4 quarters and fit those quarters into your “homeschool calendar.” Make a simple goal for each subject for each quarter.
  • Then… divide the quarters into weeks. Each quarter will be roughly 45 days or 9 weeks. I divide what I want to learn in a quarter into 9 goals, one goal for each week of the quarter.
  • I write those weekly goals down… but wait until the week before to flesh out my weekly plans. WHY? because with kids and mom and dad and life… things happen and your weekly plans will sometimes crumble into chaos. Keeping it simple and only planning one week in advance enables you to make a weekly plan that will be subject to less “erasures.”
  • Once I have my weekly plan I share it with my kids. If they are older they can write it in their own planners or sometimes I’ll create a “check-sheet” for them for the week.