Joyful Homeschooling Printable Journal

May 1, 2017
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Guest Author

Joyful Homeschooling Journal

Feel Like You’re Missing Something?

Are your days just blending together and on autoplay?

Stop the ride and get off!

Take some time to get intentional with journaling about your homeschooling adventures. Make time each day to refuel and recharge and you’ll notice the difference!

When you focus on the joys in your life, your days flow better and you accomplish much more. “Joyful Homeschooling” introduces you to ten “mindsets” – a different mindset each week – and it provides you with prompts for the week to help you put this new mindset into action and turn it into a habit. One of the best things you can do for yourself and for your homeschool is to take a couple of minutes each morning to “get your head on straight” before you start your day.

We’ve developed a Joyful Homeschooling Journal to help you implement the mindsets encouraged in the book or to journal your homeschooling joy adventure!

For a Limited Time Download the Free Joyful Homeschooling Journal to help you put into action the lessons taught in Joyful Homeschooling!