NOVEMBER 13, 2017

Our Gift Guide’s annual Gift Guide has published! 

Here are the products we’ve included in the Reading, Writing & Vocabulary section, as well as the Books section of the Gift Guide.

Brave Writer
Help your child fall in love with writing! Through Brave Writer’s user-friendly materials and award-winning online classes, you’ll grow into a competent writing coach, calm your anxious writers, and nourish your aspiring authors. What a super way to start 2018!

Mark-My-Time/Reading Time Gifts
A smart and fun way to help kids track their reading minutes. Each bookmark and booklight includes a time of day clock, countdown session timer with alarm, and cumulative timer storing up to 100 hours. What a great Chanukah present or stocking stuffer!

Mentoring Minds
Vocabulary Card Sets from Mentoring Minds help students build the academic vocabulary necessary to succeed with grade-level curricula. Each set contains essential content vocabulary terms based on grade-level standards and graphics to engage visual learners. Perfect for holiday lessons or 2018!

Up-Words Reading®
Give the gift of reading! Up-Words® Reading is a comprehensive, research-based, 4-level reading program complete with everything necessary to teach every child to read – including literacy-rich activities to strengthen phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, sight words, and reading comprehension.

Help de-stress someone’s homeschooling for 2018. Give the gift of an All-in-One Writing Curriculum! Discover how easy homeschool writing instruction can be with certified teachers who handle the lesson planning, instruction, feedback, and assessment. Homeschoolers simply log in and build writing skills!
Meet your child’s educational needs with customizable gameplay! Boost student success by practicing vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing. Only ten minutes of daily independent practice has proven effective in increasing vocabulary retention and reading comprehension.

Banquet-Cross Publications
Gift this fantasy Christian trilogy: “The Parables of Ancient Earth”, wherein twins travel an other-world battling Eri, the evil pterodactyl who obstructs the high callings of a “mythical” giant white bird, the High Seraph. Perfect for kids ages twelve and up.

Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Perfect for fans of “I Survived,” this new adventure series, IMAGINE, brings the Bible to life for today’s kids as they ponder what it would be like to live through monumental Biblical events. Plus, check out Barbour’s Christmas themed books – kids’ books, cook books, fiction, and more!

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
Over forty years ago, two teachers wanted to bring fun and creativity into the classroom. Patti Carson and Janet Dellosa made it their mission to create methods and materials that weren’t only educational, but also engaging for students. Over the years, Carson-Dellosa Publishing has expanded their product offering to meet the needs of children in the classroom, at home, and in all the places in-between where learning happens. Check out their holiday offerings here.


Chosen Books
These timeless stories of Corrie ten Boom and Brother Andrew have awed millions. Now their powerful stories are specially written for ages 9–12, complete with riveting illustrations. Let the faith of these heroes inspire the young readers in your life.

Dibbers and Doodads
Hope comes to us in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes when we have a problem so big it seems we cannot overcome it, miracles happen. Dibbers and Doodads is an adventure in hope. For ages 5-15. Written by Karon McGaha, this short story can be found on Smashwords, under the categories of Fiction => Children’s books => and Religious/Christian/Values & Virtues. Also available in hard copy from or Barnes & Noble.


Gregory Howard Gebhart Inc.
Choose from a variety of books – children’s books, Chemistry game books, a High School Chemistry Helper book, Selected King James Bible Verses, and more. Great for curriculum or gift giving.

Homeschooling Only One
Homeschooling only one student? New to homeschooling, no matter family size?
Donna shares her own journey from start through “9th grade,” including her curricula choices and different styles of homeschooling. A perfect gift for a new homeschooler on your Christmas list?

Longberry’s Leap/Little Red Tree Publishing
Longberry’s Leap is the story of a young girl’s “leap” from her mountaintop kingdom into the world of imagination. Her adventure results in both delight and insight. The story is written in playful rhyming couplets. There are free, coordinated learning tools available from the publisher.

The Adventurous Mailbox
Imagine a mysterious, personalized package from abroad sitting under the tree, full of captivating adventure books and a “top-secret” code for hours of online learning and fun. Options include access to 100s of engaging lessons. Use coupon code HH2017 for 20% off any purchase!