Homeschool For Free: Math

July 2, 2018
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Does teaching math make you wanna pull your hair out? If so, you’re not alone! For many, this is the dealbreaker in their homeschooling career. Since many feel they can’t teach this subject adequately, homeschool parents often think they need to spend an arm and a leg for online instruction or a private tutor. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of homeschool math courses that are available FREE of charge!

Teaching Math for Free

We’ve researched for you and have come up with some of the best sites where your students can learn math for FREE. Check out some – or all – of what we’ve found below!

  • – Math planet offers courses in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. They also offer practice tests for the SAT and the ACT. Each course has an easy-to-navigate scope and sequence your students can work through at their own pace.
  • Free Math – Using online texts and worksheets available for download, Free Math caters to grades 1-5.
  • Math Aids – If you’re looking for extra math practice, create and download your own worksheets at Math Aids.Homeschooling with Math Games!
  • Ray’s Arithmetic – These are free video math lessons for the companion set to the original McGuffy Readers. Originally published in the 1800s, these are rigorous math texts for grades 1-11.
  • Miniature Masterminds – Through the use of different themes, downloadable worksheet packets, and hands-on activities, this program teaches math to children from Prek – 2nd grade.
  • MasterMath – MasterMath offers video lessons, downloadable worksheets, and online quizzes for middle school grades (6-8).
  • Fishtank Learning – This program is a full math curriculum and assessments for grades 3-8, with Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 classes as well.
  • Math is Fun – Math is Fun is based on the NYSED curriculum and offers math practice from PreK through high school.
  • Illuminations – This program is available for students in grades PreK to 12th grade. It provides a comprehensive course of study, lesson plans, games, interactivities, and much more.
  • Khan Academy – Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Khan Academy! Khan Academy is committed to offering the best education possible free of charge at all times. Students can learn math, but they can also learn from a huge variety of other topics.
  • IXL Math – Teachers and parents can set students up to work along a certain strand/course of activities related to the math they’re learning. This isn’t a complete curriculum option, but it’s a fantastic supplement. A paid version is available, but the free version allows up to 20 task cards a day, which is a good amount of time for review.
  • Desmos – This isn’t a math course; it’s a math tool. It’s an online graphing calculator your students will certainly find handy! It also includes the ability for you – the teacher – to generate activities for your students to complete.
  • GeoGebra – This is another online tool (graphing calculator) your students will find useful in their studies.

    Math is a subject area that is a challenge, but one that you can easily meet!. With the use of the internet and great free resources, you can meet that challenge head-on and succeed!