Keeping Your Kids Engaged with Gameschooling

September 29, 2020
Written by:
Ashley Lynn Priore

Some of the fondest memories I have growing up were summertime moments with my family. My mom would bring home caterpillars, and we would raise them together and learn about the process of the chrysalis to butterflies. Sometimes we would build fairy houses using all-natural tools – wood, leaves, rocks, and grass. We would even plant various seeds and be in charge of watering them daily and keeping track of the growth progress. With summer camps being canceled and a few months of COVID-19 still ahead, it can be overwhelming to think about new activities to keep your children engaged. While all the activities I used to do were valuable, fun, and engaging, I believe we need to embrace this changing world and dive deeper into game schooling topics. The knowledge I gained from playing chess and other board games with my siblings was invaluable.

Classic Board Games with a Twist: Monopoly and Scrabble are educational board games for kids to play, teaching money, buying and selling, and word formations. If you want to update the classic games, have your family create their own board and pieces using objects around the house. Make it a challenge: building a board game without glue or tape. This will teach critical thinking, innovative problem solving, and of course – make actually playing the game more fun.

Pictionary is another great resource for kids interested in art. Students will practice drawing skills and putting words into images. It combines creativity with following directions. Want to test geography and state recognition? The Scrambled States of America Game is a wonderful resource. Students are challenged with finding states that end with a specific letter, finding the state that borders another, and so much more.

What about a classic puzzle? Everyone has some puzzles at home. Being able to complete complex puzzles and stay focused are valuable skills. Find puzzle games that include engaging images or pictures of objects, activities, or characters that excite your kids. The more engaging the picture, the more likely your child will want to finish the puzzle!

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Ashley Lynn PrioreAshley Lynn Priore is a Pittsburgh native and a current undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in English and Philosophy & Politics with a minor in Economics. An award-winning and nationally ranked player under the United States Chess Federation, Ashley is a competitive chess player, politics enthusiast, writer and poet, social entrepreneur, and public service scholar. Ashley is also the founder and President and CEO of The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute. In 2019, Ashley entered politics and was a candidate for the Pittsburgh Board of Education, District 4. A catalyst for change who started her own business at the early age of 14 years old, Ashley seeks to empower all to use their passions for good.

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