Homeschool Gaming Ideas by Subject

June 10, 2020
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 With summer quickly approaching, families need resources for fun and engaging ways to support their child’s educational development. While gaming resources outlined in our previous article will work great, we have created a new guide based on school subjects! COVID-19 has made it even harder to have a schedule, let alone planned activities for kids to do. This guide outlines all the information you need and will have your kids learning (and playing!) for hours.


Reading/Writing Gaming Ideas

For this category, you want games that spark creativity in students and allow them to read materials on their own. Video games can promote literacy rates as students want to learn the instructions properly, so they can win the game. I recommend having students create their own video game. Give them time to write a story. Who are the characters? What is the backstory? Have them include instructions, “how-tos” and any other information needed to play a game. This will incorporate various writing styles in one and will make students re-read their writing to ensure it makes sense. Have the student draw pictures and use PBS Reading Games for inspiration. If your child likes video games, have them write a script and consider the work behind a video game. Make it a family activity by having students present their games at the end of the day!


Mathematics Gaming Ideas

There are countless resources for online math support. Chess, via, is my favorite resource. Students learn the basics of numbers by counting the pieces and will develop knowledge about fair trades. What will happen if I take this piece? Will I get more points than my opponent? If I don’t capture this piece, can they take me longer on in the game?  For students interested in video games, Prodigy is a comprehensive, curriculum-based math game for students grades K-8. The platform also offers free math tutoring online and is free to use. Tami’s Tower is another great resource. Its curriculum is aligned with early learning standards, and it is a great activity to introduce the fundamentals of engineering and design. This is best for students grades kindergarten through second grade.


Science Gaming Ideas

For an interactive, engaging board game, check out Wingspan. It is a strategy-based card game, and it is a great resource for students interested in engineering. This is best for students ages 10 and up.  For more video games, visit the ScienceGameCenter. They have a wonderful list of games approved by parents and educators that focus on basic knowledge and applied science. This site has games for all ages, particularly lower and middle schoolers.


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