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JULY 23, 2015

Top 10 Choices of Higher Education

  Top 10 Choices of Higher Education Institutions in the World Every year, an organization known as Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), considered to have the most reputable and reliable…

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JULY 20, 2015

Super Teacher Worksheets

I think just about all homeschooling educators love worksheets/printables. We can easily spend hours looking through the multitude of worksheets and printables offered by different companies…

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JULY 7, 2015

Why Colleges Recruit Homeschoolers

Why Colleges are Recruiting Homeschoolers As their numbers continue to surge, homeschool students are catching the eyes of college admissions advisors and recruiters, who are viewing today’s…

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JULY 6, 2015

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

  Although we have come a long way since the days of educational segregation, it still goes without saying that we humans tend to shun that which is different from the norm. When it comes…

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MAY 21, 2015

3 Strategies to Nurture Musical Intelligence

3 Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Musical Intelligence   Rather than launching your child into music lessons at the first opportunity, consider three strategies for nurturing your…

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MAY 13, 2015

Rethinking Labels

    RETHINKING HOW OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM LABELS UNIQUE CHILDREN This is a guest blog post written by Carreen Schroeder. I formally entered the professional realm of education…

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MAY 7, 2015

Top 4 Laptops for Homeschoolers

    Top 4 Laptops for Homeschoolers - This is a guest blog post from Alpha Omega Publications Whether it’s time for an update or you’re making the move to computer-based curriculum…

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APRIL 27, 2015

Homeschooling and College Admissions

Homeschooling and College Admissions - a survey for homeschoolers AND for colleges! Genius!! My husband and I made the decision to homeschool our two sons in the middle of their 1st and…

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APRIL 13, 2015

Homeschoolers – 7 Ideas For Outdoor Fun

  The term “couch potato” describes today’s little ones quite aptly. Spoilt for choice with numerous outlets of entertainment like video games, smartphones, tablets and the good…

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MARCH 26, 2015

Daily Grammar – a Free Site!

Daily Grammar is a fun, convenient (and free !) way to learn grammar.  The site offers 440 lessons. Lessons 1-90 cover the eight parts of speech, which are verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives,…

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