Tips for Homeschooling High School

September 16, 2021
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Homeschooling high school students may seem daunting (yeah, chemistry, physics, and trigonometry are serious buzzkills) but I’m here to tell you that homeschooling high school can be one of the best experiences you ever have!

When I was about to have a high schooler for the first time, I was so nervous. In fact, I was petrified. At the same time though I was determined to figure it out because this was #1 of 6! So, I looked to my homeschool mentor friends and saw that they were doing it, and doing it well! What was their secret? They outsourced!

Outsource The Difficult Homeschool High School Classes

Finding outside resources to help you teach high school courses that are above your pay grade is the most sound decision you’ll make when homeschooling high school. You’ll save your sanity and make sure you have time to help them in other areas! There are lots of ways to accomplish this and here are just a few.

Hire a Tutor to Homeschool High School

Getting your high schooler scheduled to take classes with a tutor is a great solution to the difficult homeschool high school courses your student may need to take. You can usually find one locally who will help you individually or in small groups. Or, you can look online. There are a lot of tutors offering online services these days.

Take Online Courses for High School

The online course offerings are growing every day and getting more and more sophisticated and refined. This means that you are sure to find a solution that will fit your student’s specific needs. One of our favorite online homeschool resources is the Monarch curriculum by Alpha Omega Publications. Special thanks to Doing Life Deliberately for her great review.

Get Involved in a Co-Op for High School Courses

Another great option is to get your students involved in a co-op. Of course, that also means that you’ll be getting involved. Usually, parents offer courses in areas that they have talents and strengths in exchange for other parents teaching courses where they aren’t strong. This is a great way to share the different requirements of homeschooling high school. Of course, you can even develop a homeschool pod out of your homeschool co-op. If you haven’t heard of a homeschool pod, it’s simply a group of homeschoolers that meet together to share the different needs of homeschooling. But they typically agree to only meet with those selected students so that there is less likelihood of pandemic exposure.

Include Your Teen in High School Planning

Give them a voice in Choosing a Curriculum. Trust me, they will be more motivated if they had a say in which curriculum they use. There are so many high school homeschool curriculum that finding one they enjoy is key!

Let them choose their own learning environment. Where your student learns is key to learning. A distracting learning environment can really hold them back.

Help them embrace their passions through fun courses and learning opportunities. High school electives are a great way to open the door to career exploration, enrichment, and even enjoyment classes.

Hold them accountable. Even though they are maturing and are fast becoming adults, they still need accountability. Make sure that you give them the right balance of responsibility and accountability.

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