How to Homeschool High School

You’re about to begin the journey of a lifetime!

Getting started with homeschooling a high school student may seem like a huge task and we understand it will require a lot from you. You’ll need to dedicate a good bit of time to help your teen work through the ins and outs of preparing for their future, and as you help them we’ll be right here helping you!


Getting Started with Homeschooling a High Schooler

Getting started with homeschooling high school is easier than you think! The requirements to begin homeschooling differ across the United States, however, the process of getting started usually consists of a few basic “first steps.” These often include:

  • Research your state homeschool laws and fulfill their requirements.
  • Discover the best way to teach in your family, also known as your “Homeschooling Method.” Everyone is different here. Take into consideration your family’s personality!
  • Understand your student’s learning preferences and what motivates them. This just simply encourages you to align their passions and strengths with learning. Don’t hook them up with an online course if they hate technology. Let your teen give plenty of input.
  • Develop your homeschooling high school plan. Ask your teen what their dreams are!
  • Look for a curriculum that supports your teen’s future dreams and their learning preferences.
  • Before starting some people like to organize their learning area, curriculum, four-year high school plan, and daily schedule.
  • Prior to beginning take time to rest, breathe, and make sure your teen is ready! If coming from a stressful situation, you might consider a short week or two break before jumping in.


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How to Homeschool Highschool Students

Teaching the adolescent can be a challenge, but remember how challenging it was BEING an adolescent? As parents, it’s vital that we not only invest in our teenagers but also try to understand the teenage dilemma and work to become part of the solution. Involve your teen in planning and determining their educational path as much as possible. Patience is the rule.

  • Build meaningful rapport with your highschooler – take time to find out their dreams
  • Make sure teaching is interesting – don’t drive them to boredom
  • Get plenty of sleep – research shows that teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep
  • Build choices into your homeschool – opportunities to choose classes or methods of study
  • Tailor learning to their interests – ask them what they WANT to learn
  • Every day should include both struggle and delight!

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FAQ About Homeschooling High School

How Homeschooling Highschool Works

For many parents, homeschooling high school is difficult to imagine. The process is very different from that of a typical public education, however, homeschooling high school is exciting, liberating, and can be truly individual. It is a process that can be customized to fit your teen’s unique dreams and hopes for their future!

Homeschooling high school isn’t much different from homeschooling younger children. The main concern during the high school years is preparation for career or college, record keeping, meeting state requirements, and developing courses that are appropriately challenging. Each of these concerns is easily resolved by taking time to work through the process. Download our homeschooling high school guide to help you take it one step at a time!

  • State Homeschool Requirements -Many people often believe that you must fulfill the state requirements to graduate. While this is true, the state requirements are simply a minimum for the homeschooling family. Most homeschool families start with their end goal in mind and then build their four-year high school plan from those. If your student has a goal for the future such as a career or a specific college that they would like to attend – then aim for the entrance requirements of that goal and build your high school on meeting or exceeding those goals.
  • College Prep – The preparation for a college education does not begin when the student is about to graduate. It begins as early as possible, and most often at the beginning of high school.
  • High School Record-Keeping – This is a vital aspect of homeschooling high school and isn’t something that can be put off. Records must be kept, but they can be kept in a variety of ways. Choosing a record-keeping method that fits your homeschool style is important.
  • Highschool Curriculum – There is such a wide variety of amazing tools to use for teaching high school, the difficulty often lies in finding which one is right for your student. Options range from online school to self-taught courses and everything in between. Take the time to research which type of curriculum will fit your teens learning needs.

Homeschooling high school takes effort, but it is an investment well worth your time!