Issue 38: Reviewing Your Homeschool

Taking time to review or assess your homeschool every six months is a great way to keep away “homeschool blindness!” You know – that inability to “sniff out” what is really going on in your homeschool! Grab our printable infographic to help you stay focused in 2020!

Other Topics in this Issue

Avoid Going Homeschool Blind!

Printable Infographic - Have you ever thought about your homeschooling successes and failures? Have you taken the time to “grade” yourself? Then you’ve assessed your homeschool! But is it time to do it again?

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5 Ways to Take Inventory of Your Homeschool

Whether your family is transitioning from public school to homeschooling, or you are simply beginning a new homeschool semester after the holidays, it can be helpful to pause for a moment and consider your goals for the year.

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