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2024 Educational Website Awards

Homeschoolers have voted! The perfect tool to help you discover this year's "best" and "new" educational websites to use in your own homeschooling adventure!

Curriculum Finder

Find your best-fit curriculum with these steps: Step 1: Diagnose – Take the Find Your Homeschool Curriculum Quiz. Step 2: Search – Discover good options using the filters below. Step 3: Explore – Test drive your options. Ask for free samples & trials. Step 4: Commit – Purchase the curriculum that works best for you! […]

Top 5 Benefits of Blended Learning

Have you considered using blended learning in your homeschool? Read these tips from Discover! Online to see if blended learning might benefit your family!

Summer Learning Guide

Looking for fun summer learning activities to keep away the summer slide? Get your free tools for summer homeschooling here.

101 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Needing some ideas for things to do on summer break? Look no further! With 101 different options, you're sure to find some fun activities for your homeschooling family!