Homeschool Summer Resources

Learning resources for summer homeschool programs are everywhere, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t get bogged down in all the options. The best advice we can share: keep homeschool summer learning simple and fun! Here, we have compiled a list of some excellent summer resources to help keep this season fun and learning flowing!

Start With Free Summer Resources


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Art for Summer Learning

Summer is a fantastic time to dive into the world of art! Whether you’re exploring art history or experimenting with different techniques, we’ve got some great homeschool summer art resource ideas for you to enjoy.
  • Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters by Mary Ann F. Kohl and Kim Solga features 110 art appreciation activities for kids.
  • Art Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media-For Budding Artists of All Ages is part of a series of books by Susan and Rainer Schwak and is full of fun ideas to help introduce art to children.
  • Art Lab for Little Kids: 52 Playful Projects for Preschoolers by Susan and Rainer Schwak is written for children ages 4-6-year-olds.

Financial Fun Learning

Summer is a great time to teach your kids life skills – especially financial literacy. Check out these resources to help your kids get on the path to future financial stability.
  • Money Making Ideas for Kids and Teens: Starting Your Own Business-A Guide for Teen Entrepreneurs  by Debbie MadsonFinancial Tips for Homeschoolers
  • The Kids’ Money Book: Earning * Saving * Spending * Investing * Donating by Jamie Kyle McGillian
  • Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze
    • Monopoly! Indeed, it is a classic and a family favorite for good reason. Have a great time with your family and develop your child’s understanding of investments and development.
    • Stock Market – The Wall Street Trading Game is a board game that introduces players to important financial concepts and more.
    Online resources

    Computer Programming and Coding for Kids

    Do you have a child interested in computer programming? Summer is a great time to dive deeper into some of their interests!

    Cooking with Kids

    Getting into the kitchen and cooking, whether with a parent or independently, is a great way to encourage learning this summer. Kids can practice math, science, reading, and more while learning an important life skill…and you get help with dinner!

    Foreign Language Summer Learning Opportunities

    Learning a new language is an excellent way to spend time this summer! With so many apps out there, it’s never been easier to expand your language skills!

    • Mango Languages helps users practice conversations in over 60 foreign languages
    • Duolingo is a free language learning site with a unique approach. Lessons are short and easy to fit summer enrichment opportunities into the busiest teen’s summer schedule. Even homeschooling moms learn with this one!
    • Maximize Summer Learning with Foreign Language Studies is perfect for high school students looking for a summer challenge.

    History for Summer Learning

    Do you have a child who loves learning about where they came from or different cultures around the world? There are so many opportunities to learn history during the summer. Even if you can’t take field trips to visit historical sites, with the internet, you can take tours and see things your child will never forget!

    • Learn about your family’s genealogy at
    • From the comfort of your living room, visit the British Museum. Enjoy a virtual tour and see 4,634 artifacts housed in the museum.
    • Our list of 102 Things to Do This Summer offers additional summertime virtual history opportunities.

    Language Arts for Summer Learning

    One way to keep progressing during the summer is by reading, reading, reading! Take advantage of your local library. Let your kids complete a reading challenge. Listen to audiobooks on road trips. Read with them every day. No matter how old your children may be, they’re never too old for read-alouds with a parent! Here are some additional resources.

    • CourseBridgeBridge learning gaps easily this summer with this language arts and math curriculum designed specifically for summer learning and after-school supplementary learning.
    • Summer Reading Program – grab our free printable fun summer reading challenge kit and start today!
    • Pizza Hut sponsors several fun reading challenges for kids through their Book It program. Get reading great books this summer.
    • Mensa for Kids Excellence in Reading Program is not just for Mensa members or the regular school year. Participants in this year-round program earn a certificate and a t-shirt for reading all of the books in this book challenge.
    • Create your own neighborhood Reading Challenge for a great learning experience! Help your readers establish the number of books they will read over the summer.
    • 6 Super Summer Writing Tips to help your kids get started tapping into their creative writing vein and putting their thoughts on paper.
    • Celebrate Summer with 6 Writing Prompts to help inspire your young writers.
    • Read these Tips to Avoid Summer Learning Loss for additional resources.
    • In her books Writer to Writer: From Think to Ink and Writing Magic, bestselling children’s author, Gail Carson Levine shares her secrets of great writing in this companion to the popular Writing Magic.   
    • What Do Authors and Illustrators Do? by Eileen Christelow will inspire young writers and artists as they read about the process of creating a book. Creative writing and drawing exercises are also included for the school year and summer.

    Math Summer Resources

    Keep your kids’ math skills sharp this summer with math games, apps, and resources like these!

    • CourseBridge – Bridge learning gaps easily this summer with this language arts and math curriculum designed specifically for summer learning and after-school supplementary learning.
    • Time4MathFacts – perfect for brushing up on those facts during the summer!
    • Unlock Math is an online math program that lets you have fun with math learning this summer!
    • Quirky mathematician Vi Hart’s YouTube channel is a must-see. I guarantee, there’s nothing out there quite like it!
    • Choose some of our Best Printables for Summer!

    Nature Studies for Summer Learning

    The summer is a fantastic time to try a unit study or two. These suggestions for nature studies are a great way to dive into an applicable seasonal topic that interests your child and keeps the learning going!

    Online Tools for Summer Learning

    Looking for ways to use the internet to your advantage this summer?  These articles have you covered with some great ideas your kids are sure to love.

    Science for Summer Learning

    Do you have a budding scientist in your home? Use the summer for scientific experiments!

    Books and Magazines
    • The Horrible Science series by Nick Arnold includes titles like Blood, Bones and Body Bits, Chemical Chaos, Disgusting Digestion, Nasty Nature, Electricity Sounds Dreadful, and The Terrible Truth About Time. Filled with pictures, trivia, fun facts, and science, these are books even reluctant readers will enjoy.
    • The Monster Science series by Mark Weakland is written in graphic novel format and is such great fun. Using vampires, zombies, werewolves, and ghosts, Weakland demonstrates basic principles of science and makes for a great learning experience. Titles include Aliens and Energy, Bigfoot and Adaptation, Ghosts and Atoms, Zombies, and Forces and Motion to name just a few.
    • MUSE is a science and arts magazine written for kids ages 9-14. Filled with facts, jokes, thought-provoking articles, and summer learning programs. Kids with a love of science will love this magazine too.

    Special Education Summer Opportunities

    Are you looking for resources for special education students? There are so many options out there for summer activities!

    • Life Skills Activities for Special Children 2nd Edition, by Darlene Mannix
    • Social Skills Activities for Special Children 2nd Edition, by Darlene Mannix
    • Connected Kids: Help Kids with Special Needs (and Autism) SHINE with mindful, heartfelt activities, by Lorraine E Murray
    • Making Art Special: A Curriculum for Special Education Art, by Helen Goren Shafton
    Online Resources

    Summer Camp Books and Virtual Resources

    Summer is a time when kids love to experience camps, whether they are day camps or overnight camps. Sometimes homeschooled children may be a bit apprehensive and not know what to expect. Here are some resources to help your kids be ready for summer camp! If that’s not in the books for this year, there’s even a link to do a summer camp at home!

    Reference Books
    • Lights Out!: Kids Talk About Summer Camp, by Eric Arnold and Jeff Loeb
    • Summer Fun: The Parents’ Complete Guide to Day Camps, Overnight Camps, Specialty Camps, and Teen Tours by Marian Edelman Borden
    • The Summer Camp Handbook: Everything You Need to Find, Choose and Get Ready for Overnight Camp-and Skip the Homesickness by Christopher A. Thurber PhD
    Picture Books
    • The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp, by Stan and Jan Berenstain.Kids At Home Summer Camp Kit
    • Tacky Goes to Camp, by Helen Lester. One of our favorite read-alouds.
    • Froggy Goes to Camp by Jonathan London
    • Postcards from Camp by Simms Taback
    Online Resources

    Travel with Kids During the Summer

    Traveling is often top of the bucket list of summer activities. If you’re looking to take a trip this summer, here are some suggestions to help as you plan. If you can’t physically travel, take a virtual trip!

    • 100 Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life: From Your Backyard to the Ends of the Earth by Keith Bellows and Natalie Morales. Great encouragement to avoid screen time.
    • Travel with Children: The Essential Guide for Traveling Families (Lonely Planet Travel With Children) by Lonely Planet. Don’t worry about the homeschool schedule during the summer enjoy travel!
      Virtual Field Trips

      Taking some time to be intentional about summer learning experiences can make a world of difference when we head back to school in the fall!