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8 Summer Montessori Inspired Activities

    The Montessori method stands apart from other teaching methods because it teaches children to become in charge of their own education by being self-directed, hands-on and playful all at the same time.  It gives children the ability to do things on their own, which helps with responsibility, organization skills, planning, executing and problem-solving. The […]

Homeschool Convention Survival Tips

Sponsored post by Congratulations, you made the exciting choice to attend a homeschool convention! These conventions provide a unique opportunity to meet other homeschoolers, learn educational styles and techniques, attend workshops, explore the many resources out there, purchase curricula for the next year, and more. There are plenty of opportunities in such a short […]

Fascinating Education Homeschool Product Review

Fascinating Education takes advantage of the brain’s ability to process images more efficiently and more effectively than reading the text alone. Fascinating Education Product Review SUMMARY Grade Level: high school Parent involvement: low Demographics: individual Religious Alignment: none Homeschooling Method: traditional Learning styles: a multi-sensory approach Format: online courses Visit Fascinating Education Dr. Sheldon Margulies […]

What’s in Your Curriculum Bag this Season?

What’s in Your Curriculum Bag this Season? By Jamie Gaddy Some of you may be saying, “Nothing!” Which is what many homeschoolers do during the holiday season, (and don’t beat yourself up about it.) We homeschool to enjoy our freedom, and if it’s best for your family to take off during the holidays – then […]

Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool Classroom

Sponsored post from As the new homeschool year approaches, you want to make sure your homeschool classroom is ready to go by the time the first day rolls around. After all, this is where most of the learning will take place. But all the books and supplies can clutter the classroom. So in order […]

5 Reasons to Take Online College Courses While in High School

There are many benefits to enrolling your homeschooling student in online college courses. Not only do they allow your student to benefit from earning college credit as you start thinking about college, you can also help prepare your child academically for the rigor of college — and save on tuition — before your student enrolls […]

Summer Homeschooling Children With Special Needs

Sponsored post by The challenges you face with your children with special needs don’t go away just because it’s summer. You may even feel more challenged during these months because of the additional free time. And taking time off, even for a few weeks, can result in the infamous summer brain drain. While relaxing, […]

Spotlight On: Language Arts

Does the thought of homeschooling language arts make you cringe? For many parents, this is the one subject they either excel at or despise. It’s so all-encompassing which means it’s important to have a well-rounded curriculum program and a solid plan for teaching it. How can you make sure you’re giving your homeschooler everything he […]

Special Needs and Homeschooling – 8 Benefits

Visit the Special Needs Section of Special Needs Students – The Advantages of Homeschooling While every child is special and has specific needs, some students learn differently than others. Students with special needs may have learning delays or behavior challenges, or they may work on a level that is different from their peers. We […]

Teaching Special Education

Curriculum ResourcesSpecial Education Toolbox Teaching Special EducationEncouragement for Special Needs Families Teaching Math to the Child with Autism If you’re getting ready to teach math to a student with autism, you’ll soon discover that there will be a lot of exciting, a-ha moments, as well as a few challenges along the way. However, employing specific […]