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Irish Themed Education Resources



Free online educational resources with an Irish Theme: - Education Modules with videos, presentations, activities, and handouts (upper grade school) - eBook:  Through Time & Magic: An Irish Adventure (while... more

Montessori for Everyone


Montessori for Everyone provides PDF files of quality printable materials for classrooms and homeschoolers. They have a wide range of subjects and create materials for toddlers all the way to middle schoolers.... more

Free Educational Resources


Want resources to use at home with your kids that are not just boring worksheets or printables? Then try Free Educational Resources. Weekly spelling books. More math, more writing, and more thinking skills. New... more

Hands-On Equations


Inspire your grade school students with success Hands-On Equations enables your students in grades 3 and up to solve equations such as 4x + 3 = 3x + 9 in three enjoyable lessons using the balance model.... more

Matl Science Inc.


Hands-on science kit with experiments delivered to your door... more

School Made Simple: Learning Vitamins


Learning Vitamins help children become better doers. With these objective drills, both you and your kids will know just where you are, and how far you’ve come after just a few short months! Weak areas will stand out... more
Faith Based

In the Hands of a Child


"Before In the Hands of a Child made its debut, homeschoolers had to do all of the preparation in order to pull together a lapbook. That task takes a lot of time when searching for items and/or graphics to use. Many... more

The Mystery of History


"The Mystery of History is a “Chronological, Christian, Complete” World History curriculum for all ages. Any homeschool parent can teach world history using this program because— it’s easy to use;... more
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Joyful Homeschooling


Free Download

Your attitude toward your day and toward your children's efforts profoundly affects the outcome of your homeschooling. When you focus on the joys in your life, your days flow better and you accomplish much more. 'Joyful... more

The Good and the Beautiful

The Good and The Beautiful is a book provider that offers courses on most core subjects as well as art and music. They provide both a free option and a regular book curriculum purchase option. Their free, academically... more
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Learning Dynamics


Studies show that digital teaching tools are not an effective replacement for real, physical books. 4 Weeks To Read is verified by studies at the University of Oregon and the International Educational Institute.... more


$5.37-$14.66/ month

Developed by the BBC, MUZZY's simple and effective program works by teaching through fun and animated stories featuring Muzzy and friends. These stories use the natural immersion method, which is modeled after the... more