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Constellation Study Science and STEM Projects

Many students agree that astronomy is one of the most fascinating aspects of science!  The wonder of the universe with its many galaxies and innumerable stars is fairly insatiable.  Thankfully, as homeschoolers, we can explore whatever subject we like and what better way than to try a project or experiment?  If you are looking for a STEM project for your homeschooler, we have a challenge for every age level: elementary, middle school, and high school.

Adding DIY Projects to Your Homeschool Science

Ever been bitten by the creative “DIY bug”? When this bug strikes, it’s bittersweet. On the one hand, it means WORK! On the other hand, you’ll probably enjoy the process and will certainly enjoy the outcome. When the inspiration strikes, add it to your science curriculum for truly hands-on learning projects! DIY Projects to Add […]

Winter Science Activities for Kids

Science activities for kids are great for chasing away the winter blues. Get kids excited about learning with these fun activities for homeschoolers.

How to Teach Homeschool Science

Does your child think science is boring? With the right resources, you can bring science alive and it might even become a homeschool favorite! Learn how!

Exploration Education Science Curriculum

Exploration Education offers hands-on, year-long courses in physical science. Students will study force, energy, magnets, sound, and more, while discovering the relationship between science and daily life. Materials and lesson plans are provided for 36 lessons, 36 activities/experiments, and 4 projects. Students use the online, interactive student text in combination with a student activity book. […]

Science Unit Study Collection

Science presents the best opportunities for hands-on fun, experiments, and learning moments. Here are several free unit studies for these fascinating topics!