10 Best Practices for Homeschooling Middle School

There is a significant difference between homeschooling elementary-age and homeschooling middle-school-age students. Middle school is a time for kids to learn how to become more responsible for their education and to become actively involved in the whole learning process. This includes learning how to manage their time and becoming more responsible for what they are learning. It is also very important to allow time for interest-led learning during their schedule. This age is an exciting time of change along with increasing maturity. As homeschool parents, we have the privilege and responsibility to help our kids learn how to take on these new developmental challenges.

Practice for High School

Now is the perfect time to help kids start transitioning to high school with expectations of maturity, independence, and in the all-around quality of their work. In fact, it is also the time for you to expect more detail in their written work, science labs, and in the research they do. It is important while homeschooling middle school that while helping them become more independent that they are still held accountable for the tasks they need to accomplish.

Choose Their Own Homeschool Classes

Of course, there are certain classes that are necessary to take but now would be a great time for them to give input on some possible electives that they are interested in. Also, give them some say in the type of curriculum they would like to use. By now they are most likely aware of how they learn best.

Explore Their Passions

middle school homeschool This kind of goes along with choosing their own classes but it can be expanded on when starting homeschool in middle school. Does your child have an interest in sports? Sports are becoming more and more available to homeschoolers whether it is a city or public league or even a homeschool team. What about art or music? If they express an interest in one of these while starting homeschool in middle school, maybe they can try it out with lessons to see if it is something that interests them enough to pursue.

Use a Homeschool Planner

First thing is first, take a look at our FREE Teen Homeschool Planner for homeschooling middle school.  Make this fun! If they are the artsy type then go to an office supply store or art store and let them pick out colored pencils, pens, or markers to make the planner their own. Let them figure out what they would enjoy using to keep on top of their schedule and lessons. Of course, it can be as simple or elaborate as they choose to make it.

Don’t Stop Reading Aloud

Do you think your middle school student is too old to be read to? Think again. Many memories can be made through reading chapter books with more complex characters and storylines. Our homeschool options for middle school resource list is a book list for middle school kids-Wholesome Book List for Middle School

Learn to be Accountable and Responsible

When homeschooling for middle school students you can begin to let your child make more choices. Which may at times also lead to mistakes. Keep them accountable for their actions and making them responsible for the outcomes. This can add to the experience of homeschooling. Guiding them through it with love and patience can make a huge impact on future responsibilities.

Keep in Mind Their Changing Bodies and Minds

Don’t forget they are still kids about to step forward physically and emotionally towards becoming adults. Now is the time to come alongside them to advise them on dealing with stress, hormones, and deadlines.

Age Appropriate Life Skills

Most likely life skills have been a part of your homeschool but now is the time to expand and find what skills they will need for eventual adulthood. Take a look below in the resource section to find ideas to include life skills in your homeschool day.

Keep Planning Homeschool Field Trips

Now would be a great time to take learning on the road with some roadschooling! Explore your state or neighboring states for a learning adventure. Even if you are unable to venture far, look around at the possibilities that abound around your community. Middle school-age students may enjoy visiting a veterinarian’s office, a farm, or even a factory!

Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

With each stage of parenthood, the days can sometimes be long but the years are fleeting. Take the time now to enjoy this stage in your child’s life. As a homeschooling parent, you have the advantage of being the main role model for your child. Show them that there is much fun to be had while learning.

Resources for Homeschooling Middle School