Middle & High School Printables

Find Worksheets for Middle School & High School Homeschoolers

You can always use a helping hand when homeschooling middle school and high school! In our homeschool printables you’ll find useful worksheets, unit studies, record keeping printables, and more!

Time4Learning Homeschool Curriculum

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General Homeschooling Printables

Homeschooling and Loving It Book

Homeschooling and Loving It! Workbook – You’ll want to grab this amazing free homeschool resource that is perfect for preschool homeschoolers. This is step 1 for any homeschooling family. The workbook takes you through the common homeschool situations and helps homeschool parents know what to expect.





The Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner


Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner – Homeschool organization like never before and perfect for the homeschool mom that has everything to do! Includes both a planner, meal planner, and homeschool record-keeping pages! Find the full-color printed version available on Amazon.

Back to Homeschool Planner  – This set is an add-on to the flagship Sanity Saver Homeschool Planner.  Find checklists to help back to homeschool go smoothly and a printable grade book to help you keep track of homeschool grades.



Free Printable Monthly Homeschool Calendar Pack


Monthly Calendars -Print the monthly homeschool calendar for all members of the family or one to post in a community area. We love having a printable homeschool calendar to help us plan and stay organized!





Homeschool Journal Printable Pack



Year-Long Homeschool Journaling Printable Pack (faith-based) – This full-year monthly themed journaling pack will have you and your kiddos inspired to write daily. Can be printed two on a page to save paper. Each month has its own theme that corresponds to the calendar and the copy work book below.




Student Homeschool Planner


Student Homeschool Planners – Perfect for teaching your students to be independent learners! Print and get organized today!





Faith-Based Character Training



Character Training Lessons  (faith-based) – Free character training series to use as part of your homeschool curriculum. Lessons focus on specific character traits and have accompanying worksheets.




Homeschool Portfolio Printable Pack


Homeschool Portfolio Organization Pack – Use this printable portfolio organizer to help you create an amazing homeschool portfolio with your kids! The pack contains introduction pages for you kids to fill out, title pages for each subject, and an end of the year wrap-up.




High School Specific Printables – Visit our How to Homeschool High School section to find a wealth of resources just for homeschooling high school. We walk you through the basics in our free book and then provide guides for you to manage transcripts, record keeping, and even dual enrollment.


Writing Truth EBook


Year-Long Copy Work eBook (faith-based) – This full-year copy work curriculum based on scripture verses is perfect for a daily morning starter as well as a journal-writing topic. You’ll find beautifully designed pages that coordinate with our other free homeschool printables.





Getting in to My First Choice College


Getting Into Your First-Year College – Great how-to printable with suggestions!







Custom Homeschool Learning Plan


The Custom Home Learning Plan – This plan will help you organize your homeschool year.







Easy 3 Step Homeschool Scheduler



The Easy 3-Step Scheduler – Not sure where to start with homeschool scheduling, this schedule how-to walks you through it all the way.






Homeschooling FAQ’s – handy guide for answers to common homeschooling questions

Poetry Unit Study Printables – Homeschool.com has provided free poetry printables as part of their poetry unit study!

End-of-the-Year Checklist – Not sure what needs to be gathered by the end of the homeschool year? Homeschool.com shares the checklist all homeschooling parents need as the end of the school year nears!

Learning Styles Quiz – Not sure about how your child learns best? Take this quick quiz to determine their preferred methods of learning.

101 Things To Do This SummerThe following list of summer activities will help your family take full advantage of summer learning fun and help spark your creativity to make the summer all that it should be!


Free Printables for Homeschooling Middle School and High School

History and Geography Elementary Worksheets

African-American History Month: Everything You Need To Know

African-American History: Leaders & Famous People

Biography Organizer

StateHistory.Net (faith-based) offers complete state history courses on two levels (My State History Funbook for age 4 – grade 2 and State History from a Christian Perspective for grades 3-12). In addition, we offer a history-based study of all 50 states in order of statehood on two levels (Fifty States Under God, for grades 3-12, and Fifty States Under God for Young Learners, for age 4 – grade 2) and a geography-based study of all 50 states in order of statehood (Geography of the Fifty States, for grades 3-12). Samples appropriate for this category are included below.

State History from a Christian Perspective (faith-based)

Fifty States Under God (faith-based)

Geography of the Fifty States (faith-based)


Homeschool Language Arts Printables

The Writer’s Jungle
Teaches the homeschooling parent how to teach writing

Partnership Writing
The most overlooked stage in the writing journey!

The Boomerang: And Then There Were None (faith-based)
Literature-based language arts

Lessons on Beauty & Bravery: A Study Guide for Women (faith-based)
A Faith-Based study guide that can be used to incorporate The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader into your homeschooling efforts.

Narnia Educational Guide
The activities within this Educator’s Guide are designed for students in grades 5-8 and comply with national standards in key content areas.

Progeny Press Study Christian guides for literature (faith-based)- Progeny Press has been a leader in literature studies since its inception in 1992, creating in depth study guides for quality literature. Our goal is to help educate children to understand the world around them by building their vocabulary, critical analysis skills, writing capabilities, and a strong Christ-focused foundation. With over 107 separate titles, Progeny Press has what you need to bring your literature studies to the next level.

Scarlet Letter (faith-based)

The Screwtape Letters (faith-based)

The Swiss Family Robinson

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Witch Blackbird Pond (faith-based)

Red Tails Educational Study Guide

Spot the Difference & Word Search Activity Sheet

Navigate Activity Sheet

Maze Color Activity Sheet

Illusion Activity Sheet


We Bought a Zoo-Film Companion (faith-based)


Math Worksheets for Homeschooling Middle School and High School

Key To… Workbooks
Effective, high-quality, affordable mathematics workbooks






Math Tutor DVD – For more information about Math Tutor DVD, please click here.

Fractions Thru Algebra 1 (Real Numbers & Their Graphs)


Science Worksheets for Homeschooling Middle School and High School

The Kingdom of Oceana is a young-adult novel set in a fantasy world of ancient Hawaii and Polynesia. Proceeds from book sales benefits The Oceanic Society, a leading non-profit conservation group.

Earth Science Study Guide

Science Experiments for Middle School


Art and Music Elementary Worksheets

Humanities Study Guide

Laurel Springs School

Art Appreciation

Community Service

Pioneer Drama Service